10 Best Ideas For Shabby Chic Beds

Elegance, romance and love for tradition… if the Provencal style there has literally conquered can not then fail to furnish a perfect home shabby chic starting from the bedroom which is the heart of conjugal love button. What we’re going to show you are well 8 ideas regarding the choice of shabby chic beds made in many forms and using as many materials.

Decorating a bedroom shabby chic is easier than you might imagine, it is important to carefully choose the furnishings and various accessories that will decorate the environment, perhaps using recycled materials like old shutters, stairs and lanterns. Talking about beds were here to find 10 different models, depending on personal taste and the type of installation you want, will be the place to start to decorate the whole room in a Provencal style:

  • canopy beds
  • wrought iron beds
  • wooden beds
  • fabric beds

Shabby chic canopy beds

Shabby chic canopy beds pink The first models of shabby chic beds that we have chosen to show you are those canopy which, because of their unique structure, are the real symbol of romance. Provencal style, revisited in its richest and hardworking variant, is really perfect for those looking to furnish your bedroom in classic style but at the same time sought: the colors to be adopted will as always be inspired by nature (so from wood to white through the inevitable pastels) and will play a key role in conjunction with the canopy fabrics adopted. We advise you to opt for working in lace, Ruffles or, if you prefer, in a simple and essential.

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Shabby chic wrought iron beds

Shabby chic wrought iron beds

Shabby chic wrought iron bed frame

Shabby chic wrought iron beds frame

Wrought iron beds are among the furnishings of the bedroom that best evoke the past traditions and, on the style shabby chic, I’m a choice nothing short of perfect. We have chosen to show you different types of processes ranging from simple geometric lines in some ways far more sophisticated twists that give even a Baroque touch. Wrought iron elements fit perfectly in rooms not overly saturated, in this case it is preferable to choose with care complements and objects that, while maintaining the style shabby chic, not to weigh down the entire living space.

Shabby chic wooden beds

Shabby chic wooden beds

Shabby chic wooden bed frame

shabby chic wooden bed frame white

In our collection could not certainly miss shabby chic wooden beds that surely will be appreciated by lovers of natural materials that have the ability to grow and change with the passage of time. You can choose between beds with clean and essential lines, which own the aged wood derive their beauty and shabby yet elegant, and models which instead are realized through the special processes and forms.

Beds shabby chic fabric

Shabby chic fabric beds

Shabby chic fabric beds frame

We end with the show several models of beds in fabric perfect for lovers of the Provencal style. Again we must choose natural tones and pastels while we can feel free to opt for different processes, including even the lace and damask embossed; you can also choose fabrics tone on tone or, if you prefer, contrasting stripes.

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