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A well-organized and perfectly manicured garden is the dream of all lovers of gardening, whether it’s small lawns or gardens from the important sizes, there are a variety of arrangements that can make your green space an aesthetically pleasing and functional area; for example the construction of a driveway can give the whole atmosphere very charming scenery and, depending on its characteristics, give a unique and particular style to your home.

garden paths design ideas for your home decor

The paths in the garden, small driveways or real roads with curves and gradients, are usually designed for organizational purposes, for example to move from one point to another as quickly as possible, in order to define areas of the garden that have different functions or simply to avoid excessively step on the turf.

garden path ideas with full green plant

This article will show you how the installation of a driveway can represent much more than just a functional practice; with the right planning, a little ‘commitment and some original ideas, can completely change the aesthetic value of a garden and create an attractive natural landscape.

garden path ideas

If you are planning to set up a driveway in your garden, the first advice is to forget about all the rules of customary and let your creativity will literally pave the way towards what could be a really lovely setting. The choice of materials with which to build the driveway is very wide: from giant rocks in bricks, tiles to planks of wood, rather than gravel or small natural stones; you may decide to use any means, transforming your garden into an original runway style that you like and that best integrates with the surrounding landscape.

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magical garden path suitable for traditional landscape

If you like the modern style, and the garden of your home it already has some features, you can opt for a driveway tile completely surrounded by lighting a minimalist design, they are spotlights on the ground or outdoor lamps. If you prefer the classic style and elegant, using natural stone or mosaic tiles manage to recreate a romantic and sophisticated setting.

traditional garden paths

The gravel or natural sand, mixed with stones or wooden planks, are perfect to set up a driveway Zen-style, perhaps with the addition, if it already is not present, the element of water, through the insertion of a stream or of an artificial pond, or of a fountain.

walkway design ideas

Of course, once you choose the style of your new driveway and path to be followed, there are many decorative items that you can add to your set-up to increase the decorative effect of the path. Think for example the various possibilities to enrich the perimeter of the driveway, for example by setting up green or flower beds, or by adding a bench or a fountain in one of the focal points of the garden, but also statues or great and original vessels of many different materials.

water of leith walkway

In the pictures below you you will find many creative ideas that you can give the right inspiration; For example, if you like a design with mosaic tiles, or simple but evocative natural stone mixed with grass areas, in these pictures there are some really original ideas from which you can take inspiration. Always keep in mind that the creation of a garden path can really change its appearance and give the entire house a touch of originality and elegance.

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Decomposed granite patio & segmentation of space

flagstone walkway

flagstone Walkway from deck steps to drive way

driveway garden

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