10 Luxury Wooden Homes 2016

And among enchanting snowy landscapes, high mountains and green hills that rise some of the luxury wooden homes in the most striking so far designed wood. truly magical places where everyone wants to be to have the chance to experience a direct contact with nature and at the same time the dizziness of unbridled luxury.

We share about 10 photos Luxury Wooden Homes that are about to see will leave you in suspense for sophistication in terms of architectural style and perfect rental choice. All made of wood, which in most cases goes perfectly with the stone, these houses are all characterized by the presence of large windows through which to enjoy the natural beauty and allow to filter light and heat, as inevitable porches and verandas, huge fireplaces and external to say the least cared for.

Such as each house or luxury home worthy of respect, none of the buildings can give up comfort and elements that contribute to elevate the charm and splendor, you are wondering what we are referring to? For example suggestive outdoor pools, heated invariably, where to take a bath and have a drink while enjoying snowy landscapes by a nice contrast.

You are planning to build your luxury home in the wood and you’re looking for the right source of inspiration? We leave you with the photos of these beautiful structures where nothing short of welcoming new technology, unique design and original architectural highlights really help to say the life of your ideal homes. If you want to discover the charm of wooden houses with modern design you’ll have no choice but to refer to the dedicated post.

luxury wooden homes

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