10 Ways To Make A Raised Bed Functional And Aesthetic

The crop on raised beds is a very technique used by farmers of vegetables and small fruits, as well as appreciated for aesthetic purposes for the realization of particular artistic flowerbeds or green structures. The multiple advantages, both practical and functional, make this kind of cultivation a true “style” of gardening; We discover how to make a raised bed is perfect for vegetable gardens for ornamental gardens.

Many times both in the gardens and in the gardens there is a need to differentiate the ground depending on the different species grown; to simplify the work, also minimizing the space and the maintenance operations, it is used for cultivation on raised beds.

Vegetables and berries, as well as green or flowering plants, need, depending on the species, a different soil, which has specific qualities and contains particulate nutrients; be able to differentiate the soil in these cases it means make sure collected or quality blooms.

Only the cultivation of raised beds is ideally suited to this task and also can be used with excellent results in the creation of eye-catching decorative flower beds and green structures.

In addition, taking advantage of a raised bed you can prevent the growth and multiplication of weeds in a much easier and faster, as well as to cultivate invasive plants such as blackberries and raspberries, rather than different vegetables or flowers species.

Even soil drainage will be improved by planting on raised beds, and all varieties of plants can be drawn great advantage.

The materials with which they can realize the raised beds are many, and you can choose from wood in its different qualities, cement, raw or worked stone, but also materials and recycled objects that can lend itself well to the creation of flower beds truly original.

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We see, then, 10 ideas from which to take inspiration to create a raised bed with which to grow vegetables, rather than splendid flower varieties.

1. Recycling an old pellet you can create a perfect raised bed for any garden area or the garden, it is a very simple and above all an economic project.

Raised bed garden in a pallet crate

2. Even old furniture, rather than parts of furnishing components, lend themselves well to creating a raised bed. In this case, the end result is really rather and, placed in a vegetable garden, this structure is able to turn it into an elegant and original place.

Garage doors into raised garden bed

3. With a good number of clay vessels is a border, ecstatic and practice was created, which acts as a raised bed; a way to be able to make the most of the arable space and to recycle old vessels, rather than other containers.

Garden beds made out of old clay pipes

4. Even using simple wooden planks can be made functional and decorative raised beds; in this case the height of the bed is minimal and it was decided to create a structure of two levels; perfect for growing flowering species and create magnificent splashes of color in the garden.

Sleek wooden garden bed

5. An aluminum tank was reused as a large, modern container; a raised bed and at the same time a very unusual vase!

Raised herb garden from water troughs

6. Recycling is always a great way to start really eye-catching creative projects; out of use of tires have been converted into unique level raised beds where you can grow vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants.

Used tired raised garden

7. A large raised bed made entirely of brick; an elegant and functional structure ideal for the garden and for the garden.

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Large raised bed using cobbled paver stones

8. In this case were recycled of perforated concrete blocks to provide a round raised bed, inside which a spiral of flowers was created on cultivated soil on a slope; the decorative effect is very striking.

Raised garden bed with concrete blocks

9. This raised bed has been designed to look like a large drawer open on a facade of the house; a truly original idea.

Garden box for a small yard

10. Finally, in this case using the wood we created a raised bed with a particular shape, ideal for cultivating flowering species mixed with vegetables and small shrubs; if you wish you can also use other materials, change the shape and create a large flower bed really original.

U shaped raised garden bed

raised bed

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