13 White Beach Style U-Shaped Kitchen Designs with an Island

I am a big fan of beach style in general.

What is a beach-kitchen?

Also known as coastline, beach kitchen is light, fresh, clean, often white and includes splashes of color, especially blue. A lot beach style kitchen include rustic features such as wood.

FYI, you need “sea-frills” to integrate as an upright rowing boat, rowing on the wall or an anchor to a coastal town feel in a kitchen to create. In fact, look good while those kinds of decorations, albeit exaggerated, it takes the casual elegance that can offer style kitchen a beach if you made good.

White Beach Style U-Shaped Kitchen Designs with an Island

Below is a collection of what we beautifully designed beach look 13 style kitchens. Each is primarily white, but you will notice that they also contain splashes of color and/or wood. We concentrated our selection to only white beach style U-shaped kitchen designs with an island.

Why do we include only white beach style U-shaped kitchen with an island? Because we have selected U-shaped kitchens, we containing those with an island as a U-shaped kitchen is ideal for islands, is because it has a large open central space.

The alternative is a G-shaped kitchen, also known as a kitchen with a peninsula.

We hope that our collection offers inspiration for designing your white beach U-shaped kitchen dream.

beach style u-shaped kitchen with a blue island include chair

Wonderful example for u-shaped beachkitchen. The island is blue ocean to add color scheme and the ceiling a light wood. It screams beach.

cottage style kitchen with an islands insert wooden kitchen flooring ideas

I like the blue and green backsplash features this kitchen coast of pleasant. There is a large U-shape in space provides a large island.

beach-style kitchen design ideas with large island and white kitchen decorate

This one above is not the beach design but it has some coasts elements like the lighting and the bright, open room.

beach style small kitchen makeover ideas with large island and wooden kitchen flooring ideas

The blue backsplash in combined create with white cupboards and pale wooden furniture island a beautiful coastal cuisine style.

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white beach style U-shaped kitchen table with an island

At the hand you have the photographer in the above photo, because it is a great photo of the beachstyle kitchen by the curved door. The kitchen is a wonderful example of a beach-kitchen is a large open space with blue throughout.

White beach-style kitchen design inspiration with an island and ceiling lighting design ideas

You know, beach-style is quite similar, when all is said and done. Here’s another white kitchen with a blue blacksplash and some wood provide a kitchen in beach style.

grey beach style kitchen design ideas white kitchen with a blue blacksplash and some wood provide a kitchen in beach style

This kitchen has a large, airy atmosphere, since the mosque ceiling.

Discover beach-style kitchen design ideas with an island and cathedral ceiling

The above mentioned kitchen is a little different from the others. It focuses on weathered wood and white to provide a beachfeeling.

beach style kitchen design inspiration

I like this kitchen design art above where stool choice is the sole source of color in the kitchen. It is surprising how a few colored stool can make the kitchen really.

modern blue kitchen coastal cuisine style

In this blue airy, light kitchen creates a very nice contemporary coastal cuisine style.

large beach style kitchens with an island look like family room

Beachstyle is often open approach towards because beach homes are all about family, friends and meetings. Nothing does it better than a big, big room/open concept living, such as kitchen/dining area above.

gray used effectively in a beach style kitchen design with an island 4 chair

Above is a good example of how gray used effectively in a beach style kitchen design.

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