15 Ideas For Balcony Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Balcony Decorating Ideas On A Budget – The warm weather has finally arrived and dinners, lunches and parties are to move outdoors, in the garden, on the balcony, under the porch or patio. Are you ready to set up your outdoor spaces? Here you will find some creative and original ideas, which you might not have thought of yet, to transform your outdoor areas in an environment designed specifically for you and your guests.

What could be more beautiful and relaxing than a lunch in the open air this season? In the spring the temperature is really perfect, the sun heats without tiring and fresh air gives us the right energy to party. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the various outdoor spaces, and any bright ideas you can make them unique and customize them however you like, to spend quiet hours with your family or to organize parties and gatherings with your friends. If you want to give a personal touch to your patio, but also in the terraces or balconies, through various arrangements, including simple tweaks to old pieces of furniture, DIY creations or real buildings, you’ll find 15 new ideas to really all tastes, and all spaces!

1. A balcony of modest size can become a truly intimate and warm reception area through a simple and natural construction: comfortable cushions on the bench or chairs, two small tables and lots of green plants and colorful pots. Perfect for afternoon tea or an aperitif spring.

A modestly-sized balcony

2. A patio in boho chic style, a look definitely personal and charming recreated through a set up DIY looking multi-ethnic: pallets instead of the benches, plenty of pillows, fabrics of various patterns and an old trunk that takes the place of the table chairs.

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A patio in boho chic style

3. The old wooden floors of the terrace has been revised through a new paint chess which makes the whole outdoor area very elegant and bright.

old wooden floor in whole outdoor area very elegant and bright

4. This fresh and natural construction, elegant picnic style, was built using simple light wood benches with matching table, everything plays on soft colors and simplicity of style.

Small balcony outdoor ideas with wooden floor and planty

5. This patio is an extension of the home kitchen, bringing the outside table and chairs you can create a perfect area for outdoor lunches and dinners, extremely convenient for both guests and the hostess.

6. In this case, in a very modern house, was created a very charming outdoor area, based on furniture minimalist chic, the outdoor space is very intimate as it set up right outside the bedroom.

balcony elegant vintage style

7. A veritable outdoor living room was built from scratch as a extension of the house and set up with tables, chairs and benches. With the right space in the garden it is possible to create this outdoor room and make it really personal.

8. In an area like this, surrounded by large fields in the vicinity of the mountains, just an outside pavement to create a production dream!

9. Here the hospitality area, ideal for lunches and dinners, was set up under a wooden gazebo, completely surrounded by green and flowery vegetation. A secret garden and intimate corner, hidden by plants and creepers.

ideas for decorating balconies terraces and verandas

10. A user-friendly environment to recreate the patio or on the terrace, a setting that recalls distant lands and exotic destinations.

11. An original construction and modern, perfect for a terrace in a big city, made with the inclusion of some elements of strong and vibrant colors combined with potted plants and candles around the perimeter.

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12. You can turn your terrace or patio in a festive open-air dining room, in this case plays all around the combination of red and white colors.

outdoor balcony furniture ideas

13. Although it is a fairly small space, this balcony is truly impressive; the bright colors and the comfort of the furniture create a really cozy area, but the key to the success of this beautiful staging is the green wall with flowers, vines and plants cascade.

14. Directly in the garden between the house and the little garden, with the help of a wooden roof and a big tree, it created a truly amazing area for lunches, dinners and meetings with friends.

15. A truly romantic veranda, made cozy and charming with a myriad of colorful flowers. For those who love peace and privacy of his home.

balcony decorating ideas outdoor spaces

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