1950s Interior Decorating Style

World War II ended, and the world sought as soon as possible to forget everything, and to build a new, happy reality. Designers in every way it was promoted, and in spite of the difficult economic conditions, created a bright, cheerful interior of relatively simple and not expensive materials.

Today, the style of the1950s is quite popular and relevant. Amazingly simple, non-standard color solution and its ability to return to childhood, it is gaining new fans.

Bright colors and graphic prints

The design of the 1950s was dominated by an open and bold color combinations – red, yellow, orange, blue, light blue, dark brown coexist with pastel shades. More expressive colors that give graphic prints. Most often they appear on the wallpaper and textile decor.

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Cheap materials

Since the savings regime was still in force, all the materials were more than simple and cheap – plastic, metal, plywood, wood species available, single-colored upholstery.

Glossy surface of kitchen

The 50s were a real explosion, and later a feature of the design of that time. It is comfortable, stylish and not expensive.


Furniture on thin legs

Another distinctive feature of the design of these years. This seems all the furniture light and hovering in the air. Furniture 50 has another bright feature – rounded corners and one-color upholstery.

Refrigerator and radiogram

That’s really really symbols of the era, thanks to these two subjects, you can immediately determine the time span of any interior. Large, with rounded corners, refrigerators for years that today have become a real fetish for fans of retro style. Moreover, it is not necessary to use them for other purposes, this can serve as a fridge cabinet. The same situation with gramophones – well, if it works, and not – so can be an excellent bedside table or countertops.

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Objects come from 1950s

This can be anything you like – watches, table lamps, vases, teapots, coffee. Well, if they are working and enough to paint them, to give them a fresh look. If they are already beyond repair, you can show imagination and make the kettle, such as a vase. Those who prefer new – almost all manufacturers of furniture, home appliances and decor launch retro collection.

Retro style now takes on a special charm. Well, firstly, it is familiar to many first-hand, as they were born in these years, and secondly, it is very “juicy” in terms of color and get the items come from the 50s is still not difficult. Anyone can go to his grandmother and ask her all the same well-known refrigerator or mirror. And if you dig around in the attic or in the garage, you can find real rarities, which have no price.

1950s interior

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