20 Unique Small Bathroom Ideas

A small bathroom shouldn’t stop you from enjoying luxurious baths. There are some really good ways that you can use to design your small bathroom and transform it into your dream bathroom. Here are some of these unique small bathroom ideas.

1. Avoid Adding Many Decorative Items

First of all, you should avoid adding many decorative items to your small bathroom. This is because too many decorative items will not only occupy a lot of space in your small bathroom, but also they will make your small bathroom smaller.

2. Use Proper Lighting and Warm Color Shades

A very good way to create an illusion of more space in your small bathroom is to use light and warm color shades. Proper lighting distribution and pale shades such as soft pink, white, pale yellow or light brown can make your bathroom appear spacious. Use these shades for wall and ceiling. For lighting, use recessed or pendant lights.

3.  Wallpaper

If you want to use wallpaper in your bathroom for decoration, select one with unobtrusive, small patterns and neutral colors.

4. Bath Essentials

If your bathroom cannot accommodate a full sized bathtub, you can use a standard shower stall. In order to give your bathroom a stylish and contemporary look, use glass shower stalls. Also, use a shower curtain to enhance its beauty.

5. Storage Spaces

Small bathrooms don’t have much space for storage and you’ll have to be creative to find solution to this problem. It is wise to keep the clutter to minimum. Also, you can save the space by installing adjustable glass shelves above the toilet. You can use a tall and narrow vanity if you want to have a vanity in your bathroom.

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6. Toilet

Use a rounded toilet in your small bathroom as it looks more suitable in a small bathroom than using a standard toilet.

unique small bathroom ideas

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