23 Ideas To Decorate An Apartment Of 30-50 Square Meters

23 Ideas To Decorate An Apartment Of 30-50 Square Meters – Living systems are increasingly widespread, especially in large cities, the apartments and the studios can offer everything you need in terms of comfort, practicality and aesthetics, the important thing is to organize the spaces and choose the most suitable furniture… We are ready to help you by showing you 3 innovative ideas that will reveal how to decorate an apartment of 30-50 square meters in a manner nothing short of flawless and with a particular attention to design.

Compact and simple, a two-room from 30 to 50 square meters can be easily designed to reflect impress guests, just choose the right accessories and carefully plan the placement of each: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and even a small hall with storage cupboards, the result will amaze you.

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Amazing Innovative ideas to decorate an apartment

A keyword for furnishing small spaces is definitely simple, but as you are about to discover, the interior designer Ilya Derkach has shown talent and creativity can transform even the smallest spaces in designer jewelry. The apartment you are admiring is spread on an area of ​​just 30 square meters, the narrow space but takes second place thanks to the installation of geometric inspiration and the vivid colors that manage to capture the attention of the eye.

two-room apartment of 30 to 50 square meters can be easily designed to reflect impress guests

The white background contributes to increase the natural brightness obtaining as a result that of an amplified perception of space. The creative and imaginative elements, such as chairs and lamps, so they fit naturally not resulting excessive but purely decorative.

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We find out now how to furnish an apartment of 30-50 sq m inspired to the timeless and fascinating industrial style that prefers the use of brick, concrete coatings and the choice of elements made of wood or steel.

The atmosphere in this small apartment is strictly urban, from the cozy character and essential, however that does not like fuss or frills. The separation between the different environments is also given the choice of several floors, between the kitchen and the living room in particular, they replace entirely the wall acting as a dynamic and certainly innovative divider.

The perfect blend of the modern and industrial style with a particular propensity to purely geometric elements, here is a design for a two-room apartment built by Agnieszka Graczykowska: wood, concrete and neutral fabrics characterize the different environments that are simple and sophisticated at the same time.

If you are wondering how to decorate an apartment of 33 square meters by increasing the perception of depth you can opt for the installation of tiles and geometric, in the bedroom, for creating a wall that also face the headboard of the bed by joining in this case class and practicality.

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