5 Best Sewing Room Design Ideas

If you love to sew, you probably have a great idea to design the sewing room or two up his sleeve, and the problem was to find a place to use them. If you cut out a space for sewing (and perhaps manufacture) projects, these practical tips will help you save time and money.

Sewing Room Design Ideas Tips Keep it organized. Despite having a dedicated sewing room can be a dream come true, you can make the most of almost any space, if you can keep organized. There are a lot of accessories out there that can do everything from help you keep straight your needle size to coordinate thread spools and reels. The important thing to remember is that storage should be as accessible as possible, or not use it. If you have stacked wicker boxes that house the fabric, but have to be unstacked and restacked each time you need to get what in the bottom box, very soon you’ll be putting loose items in front of or on top of the stack waiting for “next time “. Instead, why not invest in modular shelving that will put things away and get them out back with ease? This way you can use the flexible shelving solutions that can grow with your hobby.

Leave a lot of open space. It ‘s really tempting to cover every space available in fabric, rulers, stabilizing pipes, models and all other items you need to complete your sewing projects. How to build your space, however, do not forget to leave yourself about one meter of surface around objects. This is especially true for your cutting table. You will never feel truly comfortable in a space that is difficult to maneuver around.

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Take advantage of doors and walls. Although the decorative framed prints you’ve been hoarding will look lovely in your sewing room, make sure you save enough wall space for your design wall for storage. Racks and cubbies can make archiving rulers, thread and small lot easier notions, and wall space is a great location, easily accessible. To keep everything from looking cluttered, consider placing small objects inside of a cabinet door.

Plan for enough light. While you are designing the perfect sewing space, do not forget to add a lot of light sources. The sunlight coming in from a nearby window can be invaluable when coordinating fabrics, and having at least two workstations with good lighting (not counting the lamp on your sewing machine) is a good idea.

Quick Tips and Tricks Sewing Space

  • If you do not have enough space for a design wall, use a flannel sheet pinned to your tents.
  • Invest in cork panels. These economic cards can be used to visualize your design ideas, the park blocks waiting to be assembled, store needles and pins, and hold zip lock bags containing special tools and notions. They are not a good choice for long-term storage, but you can get organized for specific projects using a minimum of valuable desktop space.
  • Instead of putting your finished projects away, keep some ‘of them out on display. This way you can use the completed work in interior design and inspire themselves at the same time.

While you’re in the planning stages, write each project idea of ​​sewing room, that occurs to you. Put it in a notebook for future reference. Refer to the blog from other sewers, too. Bloggers often send pictures of their sewing rooms that will give you some interesting insights and ideas.

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