5 Types of Garage Door

The gates for garage and door garage are made in a wide range of designs, finishes and different colors, to match the architecture of the box car on which they must be installed.

Overhead garage doors

The garage doors combine, in the most recent models, functionality, safety and aesthetic harmony with any architectural context. They must be chosen depending on the available space and the type of opening. It also counts the material with which they are made (usually are steel and wood, galvanized steel or aluminum) that must also be evaluated in accordance with the position of the box (indoors or outdoors). And then according to the taste and cost.

ditec style garage door

In addition to the coating, it is also possible to decide the allocation of the door: any camouflaged pedestrian doors, ventilation grills Persian type, windows. Aesthetically comparable to entry doors, closures for boxes and garage have today many performance features that can satisfy all tastes, from the thermal stability (possible through the insulated, a fitting that separates thermally the window frame and wall structure) to burglary, up to the sound insulation. The devices are housed within the panel or the profiles, remaining perfectly camouflaged. The illumination and the ventilation of the box, for example, are obtained by means of specific intermediate profiles in aluminum, inserted in two points of the closure, which allow to have air and light even when the garage door is closed. Or through windows of glass positioned on the wing or on the transom.

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5 Types of Garage Door

The type of door should be chosen taking into account the available space should be allowed, in fact, easy and safe maneuvering with both the car and on foot.

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1. Over garage door – is only one door that lifts and moves thanks to a lateral guide uprights, fixed to the sides of the compartment door, inside the box. Total opening, remains parallel to the ceiling at a distance of a few centimeters. Many models are equipped with finger perimeter seals between door and frame.

overhead garage door types

2. Roller garage door – The panel consists of hooked horizontal profiles between them is wound around a roller, integrated in the same mechanism of the opening, placed on the upper edge of the door aperture. shaped guides are instead fixed to the sides of this.

roller garage door types

3. Sectional garage door – Also in this case the door open vertically but, thanks to specific lateral guides slides upwards, arranging themselves along the ceiling, without wrap on itself.

sectional garage door types

4. Sliding garage door – The door opens sideways scrolling, inside the box, behind a wall. To facilitate the movement, to the ground and ceiling, they must be installed rails which accommodate the sash profiles.

Sliding garage door types

5. A swing garage door – is the traditional type of closure box, widely used in the past. Composed of two doors that open to the outside, it needs space in front of the compartment. Characterized by manually opening, now also available in motorized version.

swing garage door types

Because they are safe

All garage doors on the market today exhibit the CE mark and refer to the Norm UNI EN 13241-1 that states secure. A further guarantee for the consumer can be the mark of quality issued by a third party certification body. Some companies also provide a guarantee on the mechanics or electronics of the door. The access to people and vehicles is also made secure thanks to particular options available on the market, which control the leaf stroke at each point and, in case of obstacles, the stop and reverse the movement of it.

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Resistant to burglary

The protection against intrusion attempts is instead ensured by lateral locks, the reinforcing tapes and profiles inside the panels. Some manufacturers also subject the doors to severe tests for resistance to burglary to break down or for hooking and pulling towards the outside, and the test of resistance under static or dynamic load.

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