7 Smart Ideas for a Garden Without Grass

7 Smart ideas for a garden without grass – When planning a garden, one of the first decisions you have to take it relates to the possible presence of the turf. Although having several advantages, especially in terms of aesthetics, the lawn also involves a lot of work at maintenance level. If you think you have enough time to devote to the care of your garden, a good idea would be to avoid the grass planting and realize a different garden, but still beautiful.

A large grass covered garden can be very beautiful, but when you have to do maintenance things get complicated; maintain lawn involves different efforts, both at the level of work that money consuming.

To keep your grass neat and aesthetically pleasing it is necessary, first of all, periodically weed out the so-called weeds, especially during the summer season and if you live in rural areas. This involves a lot of physical work as the only way to effectively eliminate weeds is to do it manually, by eradicating the roots; this operation requires a long time.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is that related to irrigation, which must be constant and performed in the appropriate manner: never too abundant or too scarce and strictly during the coolest hours of the day or early in the morning or in the evening a few hours after the sunset, to avoid the proliferation of fungal diseases difficult to treat.

To have the certainty of watering the lawn in the best way is appropriate to provide for the insertion of an automatic irrigation system; This involves a considerable expense.

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For all these reasons, and also because maybe you want to spend their time taking care of plants and flowers in the garden or relaxing, setting up a comfortable lounge area where you can spend the afternoons and summer evenings, rather than treating the turf, you can consider some alternative ideas to replace the grass with other equally pleasant natural elements.

Here, then, are some ideas that will allow us to have a beautiful garden while limiting or completely eliminating, the presence of the grass.

1. Allocating a large garden area with a walking floor, made for example by using a natural material such as stone, not only we eliminated most of the grass, but you can create an equally pleasing and at the same time, have the possibility of setting up a seating area, which will allow us to enjoy the outdoor area.

landscaping ideas without grass

2. A path, natural stone, gravel or wooden boards, is an element that greatly enriches the aesthetics of a garden. By opting for this kind of construction we will have replaced the lawn and adding plants, green or flowers, and shrubs, ground in pots, we will get a really charming outdoor area.

garden without grass

3. Another good idea to replace the turf is to create a pool that, though surrounded by flower beds, plants or climbing species, will transform your garden into an oasis paradise.

a little pool in garden designs without grass

4. What you see in this is a wonderful example of elegance, design and sobriety, and all without a single square centimeter of grass! Perfect for those who love the Zen style or ultra modern, this environment rich in natural elements such as flowers, shrubs, stone flower beds and bushes from symmetric cut has nothing to envy to a garden with a huge grass.

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a garden with a huge grass

5. A Mediterranean style courtyard, with stones and bricks, is an excellent choice for small urban spaces; you will have minimized maintenance work and you can indulge your passion for plants and flowers.

A Mediterranean style courtyard with stones and bricks

6. Even giving up the lawn for a vegetable garden is a great solution, especially if you want to grow your favorite vegetables dedicating exclusively to that. The terracotta floor replaces the turf and ground areas are dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables and small fruits; some flower pots and a pergola with a climbing complete the landscape.

vegetables and small fruits with some flower pots and a pergola with a climbing complete the landscape

7. A beautiful and relaxing environment created with the use of many natural rocks alternating with green and flowering plants. The maintenance work will be much more manageable and highly appreciable result.

small yard landscaping ideas small yard landscaping ideas small backyard landscaping ideas without grass

garden ideas with grass

designs garden garden without grass grass without

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