96 x 80 Sliding Patio Doors

Speaking of your patio, most of you will probably claim that it is the best place to take a rest and get relaxed after the tiring day activity. Yes, that is right since your patio can be a part of your house that located outside the house itself. In other words, you can enjoy the beautiful view of your garden in this patio that still connected to your house. What connect the patio to the house is the door, that is why patio door is something that quite important to be considered.

sliding patio doors

If you are looking for simple but modern door, the sliding patio doors can be the best option for you. Many people tend to choose this kind of door because it looks attractive and easy to operate, you simply slide the door and it can be opened as large as you want.

sliding glass patio doors

Simple sliding patio door The first model of the sliding patio doors is the simple one. It usually has no special design on its door leaf since almost all of sliding doors are available in plain model. This can give you benefit by getting much light from the sun to your house through the sliding patio door since it usually made from glass or fiberglass.

marvin sliding patio doors

With its glassy material, of course the light can easily come in to your house. However, if you don’t like too much light, the second option of 96 x 80 sliding patio door can be your other choice.

96 x 80 sliding patio door

Sliding patio door with screen This second sliding patio doors option is the one that completed with screen. Its function is to filter or limit the sunlight to come in to your house. Its screen will also protect you when you are in the house in order not to get blinded by the sunlight. The other option is by having a sliding patio door with mini-blind that has function to filter the light as well. Therefore, you can get beautiful and attractive patio door that has multi-function.

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custom sliding patio doors

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