Tips for Painting Bathroom Ceiling and Walls

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Bathroom is different place than other room in your house. Thus you must know how to treat bathroom. One thing that is important in bathroom is bathroom paint job. You may know that bathroom ceiling and wall the best place of mildew to grow. You must know how to paint the bathroom ceiling and wall so that your bathroom looks nice without any problem.

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The First Tip

Remember that bathroom is the place where the moisture is very intensive. As the result, you must choose the paint that can resist moisture. Then, if you repaint your bathroom, it is important to peel off the old paint so that it would not affect the new paint. Then, color selection is important because color tone is important to create the mood or atmosphere in the bathroom. Wrong color tone would make the bathroom looks smaller or perhaps uncomfortable for your eyes.

painted bathroom floor

painted bathroom sinks

What kind of paint to use in a bathroom?

Before you painted bathroom floor and wall, my advice is that you should choose bathroom paint. Or at least, you get a peculiar paint that is appropriate for bathroom.  Then you may paint all of the bathroom ceiling and wall. However you should avoid painting the shower stall walls. The stall walls is the area where it is easily get wet every day. Rather than painting the stall wall, you should apply tiles for the stall walls. Remember to clean the walls first before you paint them.

bathroom ceiling cladding

There are many things that attached on the wall. Those things could make the new paint look bad. No matter your bathroom interior is, you bathroom ceiling and wall color should be light and easy color. Or you may use trim white color. Multiple color of white is a good way to paint your bathroom. Multiple color of white is the easiest color tone for bathroom.

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