How To Build Interior Sustainable Homes

How to decorate in a sustainable manner?

Consumers have always based their purchase decisions on requirements such as aesthetics, quality, comfort and utility.

The trend today, however, is to pay more attention to sustainability, so to meet the requirements that perfect balance between environment and human health.

The interior design of the market is changing: even in architecture the use of sustainable materials is increasingly more frequent, the goal is to go to a meeting green world, where they will reduce the use of potentially toxic materials, leaving space for organic or recycled materials.

Interior sustainable homes

How To Build Sustainable Homes With Regard To Interior Sustainable Homes How To Build Interior Sustainable Homes

The choice of ecological materials is therefore a first step seems a life of sustainability, in fact about it, the more damage to the environmental impact level is already in the design and production processes, deciding then to products made with organic materials is It is already contributing in small part to the creation of a healthier environment.

As reported by the Institute for Protection and Environmental Research ISPRA, among the main causes of indoor pollution, there are the Benzene, the formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds contained in the products used for the realization of furniture and more generally for the ‘interior architecture.

In this case it is useful the use of plants, in fact some species such as ficus, philodendron and the Boston fern can help neutralize these harmful substances.

For the decor of our home, so, we need to be discerning and use common sense, for example opting for furniture made of solid wood without finishing treatments that may be injurious to health.

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Personable Country Summer Interior Sustainable Homes Design And Interior  Inside Interior Sustainable Homes How To Build Interior Sustainable Homes

The same goes for the walls, yes cotta stone plaster, lime, finished with solvent-based paints and pigments and fillers.

Even in the parquet choice it is good to opt for types treated with plant substances such as beeswax, citrus oil and flax. Also an increasing number of businesses that decide to realize their interior with eco-friendly materials, as well as showing the simple nature can offer a perfect combination of aesthetics, health and savings.

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