How To Build A Kitchen Using Cellular Concrete

Cellular concrete is an innovative product that solves many problems in the field and also its installation is very easy, it is much used by all those who engage in DIY. It is made from water, silica sand, cement and lime. One of its most important features is its high power of insulation, combined with the ability to absorb sound, and also is a fire-retardant material, this means that resists heat. It can be used for the construction of interior masonry but also for the bearing walls of houses. In the following guide we will see one of the many uses of cellular concrete; here’s how to how to build a kitchen using this product.

outdoor kitchen using cinder block

Make sure you have on hand: metal strip and adhesive paste.

Before making any kind of structure you need to take the measures of the environments that you have available, and perhaps design a plan of how the various spaces shall be placed, in this case, the kitchen. Here is a minimalist example of how to proceed with the laying of the blocks.

how to build a kitchen using concrete block

For the realization of a kitchen we need two similar blocks, both 230 cm wide and 62 cm deep, as the length of a module: a block is provided with compartments.

After drawing on the floor around the perimeter of the kitchen, using a metal strip right, prepare a small amount of adhesive paste: the curing time is around 30 minutes, so let’s arrange from time to time small quantities. With metal spatula we spread a layer of adhesive paste. With the metal trowel we spread a layer of adhesive paste. Lay the cellular concrete blocks on the ground, checking with a spirit level that are horizontal and back in place with light of the rubber hammer. To erect more conveniently the vertical walls, which delimit the various compartments, we prepare the strips of wood, with a length equal to the net widths of the compartments themselves.

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build an outdoor kitchen using concrete block

Arrived at the height of the first shelf, waiting for the complete adhesive paste the socket, it is prudent to ensure the vertical elements to the wall; We practice with a gouge a light incision on the upper face, thick 5 centimeters, of the vertical elements and in this insert a steel nail. Finally they will be able to anchor the doors of the furniture directly to blocks assembled with dovetail hinges; then perforated with the jigsaw space for the sink on the worktop. Finally you can coat the concrete with tiles for a perfect built-in kitchen.

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Cellular concrete

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