How to Build Wood Garage Door Beautifully

To build wood garage door on your own is never easy. Therefore, you are invited to check out this simple instruction of building wood garage door by yourself.

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Wood garage door is very vulnerable to moist and humid air, because as we all aware that wood contains microscopic cells which absorb moisture from wood’s surrounding. This is why wood becomes very fragile when it comes to rot problem. When you build wood garage door by yourself, you should be aware of this scientific fact splendidly, so that you know that wood doors require regular maintenance to keep it from rotting, cracking or fading. Other than that, since garage door is visible from the outside, people might see the crack, fade or rot on the door and it will make it no longer aesthetically pleasing the eyes of people who happen to see it.

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Build Wood Garage Door Step-by-Step

The first thing you must do when you want to build your own garage door is to buy all the stuff you need to build it, every pieces and everything that you need in order to build a garage door. It includes woods, screws and etc. Then, you ought to build the first frame which consists of pile of woods that attached to each other using brackets. After the first frame is made, place the sectional doors to fit in to the frame using drywall screws. Do this step repeatedly to each frame. How many doors would you have to cover the garage? Commonly there are three basic doors. If so, do this step to each door.

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Once the basic doors have been screwed and attached properly, it’s time to paint them with colors you prefer; color you like the most, although it is suggested to paint with bright or pastel color that matches your house. After you paint the doors, let them dry naturally under the sun’s light. While waiting for the doors to dry, you can use the time to assembly the hinges properly so that the time is not wasted. After the doors dry and the hinges are ready, you need to assemble them together as finishing touch.

wood garage door panels by solid wood garage door panels

That’s how you build your own garage door that made of wood. It was pretty easy, eh? With dedication and patience, you can have your new, gorgeous timber garage doors with color matches your house’s exterior paint. Remember to regularly maintain your wood doors to prevent rot, crack or fade. Wood is indeed a whiny little baby craving for caring. Therefore, when you build wood garage door must also be followed with regular maintenance of the wood doors.

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