Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Bathroom Sink

Are you wondering about how to choose a bathroom sink? Our tips will help you to select the most suitable model to your home. requirements of style but also of space, may change over the years. The family that widens or renovation of his apartment in the other environments, leading to even renew this fundamental element of the bathroom. If you are thinking of renewing the sink, our suggestions may be needed to make a great choice!

Bathroom sink types

There are different types of bathroom sink. More classics are those in the column while presenting a more contemporary mood, the suspended models. Versions siphon represent a sort of compromise between the first two while the semi-recessed, partially integrated in a big shelf or cabinet, add character to the entire bathroom. In addition, proposals for a support style are those which, as defined by its name, lie on another surface and give it a contemporary feel to furnishings.

Bathroom sink dimensions

The first thing to do to make a good choice, you start first by the size of the bathroom sink. Regardless of the style you have in mind, it is essential to move towards types who leave a reasonable space for the passage and, especially, easy entry. The bathroom sink measures can range from about 45 X 36 cm, more than a meter wide.

Bathroom sink height

Another important aspect is the height of the sink. In many cases it is already established during construction, therefore, the problem should not worry. It is the stand-alone models, namely those with pedestal that rests directly on the floor. Instead, for the types of support, it can vary from a minimum of 80 cm to a maximum of 95 cm, unless there are not of the aspects that the condition, such as the shape of the tiles. The advice is to take advice from a trusted expert!

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Elegance and lightness with bated model

The bathroom sink suspended brings several advantages. First of all, the possibility to optimize the cleaning operations. Not least, is the strong aesthetic impact, thanks to a design that adds elegance and lightness to the whole environment. Teuco Wilmotte, for example, has clean lines and essential geometries that are well suited to a context in modern style.

Cheap bathroom sink

If you are looking for economic solutions to renew the furniture, you can orient yourself on a bathroom sink Leroy Merlin. You can find different ceramic proposals, available in many sizes and fittings sold separately, so as to personalize the choice.

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Sinks low cost designer IKEA

You are guaranteed to find a bathroom sink IKEA for every need, by contacting the relevant section of the Swedish furniture giant. From models designed to be mounted on the furniture to the types with two basins, there will be spoiled for choice.

Choosing the right materials

Another aspect which bears discussion is the choice of the bathroom sink materials. Among the most common and traditional types there ceramics, we proposed today in new colors and character. Glass and crystal offer captivating aesthetics, enhanced by delicate transparencies. Natural stone, instead, has a textured look good and is durable. Alternatively there are steel, elegant and indestructible, and the compounds of ceramic materials and resins.

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