The Carpet of Moss for a Chic Eco Bathroom

Had you ever thought of a carpet of moss for your bathroom?

From the minds of ingenious designer Jeff Araujo and La Chanh Nguyen of Nection Design it was born on Moss Carpet Rug Nature of Feeling line, a rug for the bathroom really unique. Just look at him to fall in love, from the shape to the concept.

What’s so special about this rug? Moss Rug, as its name says in English, is a rug entirely made of moss. The quintessence of green design, in short! Designed for use as a mat where to place your feet after a shower, Moss Rug is a small eco chic design miracle.

The atmosphere of the rain forest is directly catapulted into the bathroom and lets you enjoy the soft texture of the moss with the sole of the foot, admiring every time the original design of the carpet. Made with three different types of moss, Moss Rug is a living piece of furniture that continues to grow and thrive in the damp bathroom.

The green carpet did not even need maintenance, because it survives thanks to moisture that forms every day in the bathroom and the droplets that settle on him when he stepped on with wet feet after a shower. The gently rounded shape, just to see it to add it in its list of furniture you want.

From Nection Design do know that the carpet Moss Rug is commercially available through a French distributor – to have some more information simply contact them via their web site or by e-mail: [email protected]

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The philosophy behind Nection Design is to merge functionality with design, always looking for new sustainable solutions – and after seeing Moss Rug we can only believe him. The team, which is divided between Switzerland and Brazil, using the Swiss and Brazilian creativity technology, creating explosive design with a unique flavor. The creators of Nection Design are defined as “builders of solutions” and we can see it in other products of Nature Feeling line.

To make the innovative Moss Rug Company we swing by fragrant jasmine interior whose sides grow plants, magnetic pots in which to sow the aromatic plants for the kitchen and a living vessel for tools on which sprouts a fragrant salad . All furnishings that do not go unnoticed.

If our proposal of moss carpet to the bathroom you enjoyed, here are other interesting insights on furnishing solutions and materials to decorate the most of your bathroom.

Bathroom Moss Carpet of Moss

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