Change Code On Garage Door

Do you use the type of garage door that is completed with wall-mounted keypad as a feature of it? If that is so, the right ways to change code on garage door is a thing you really need to know about. The only reason why you need to know about such thing is that the code is factually something should be treated like password in general. The garage door is an access to garage area and also another access to your house.

The code is definitely something that can increase the safety value of the place you are living. That is why it is better for you to change the code once in a while, especially when you feel that someone who is not your family member knows about the code or even when the remote of the garage door is missing or even stolen. If one of those situations happens, changing the code of the door is clearly the best solution you should choose.

Different Ways of Changing Code of Garage Door

The way to change code on garage door is factually different. The difference is based on the type of the door itself, whether it is the door that is completed with wall-mounted keypad or the door that is completed with remote only. The one we are going to talk about here is nothing else but the first type of garage door. For you to know, the way to change the code in this type of garage door is easier than the one applied to the door with remote and no keypad.

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Steps to Change the Code

In the following are the simplest and most common steps you can follow in order to change the code of the garage door if your door is featured with keypad.

  1. Check the motor of the garage door, which is usually located on the ceiling of the garage area, then find the “learn button” on a side of it.
  2. Press the “learn button” until the light next to it is off that also means you have removed the old code of the garage door.
  3. Press the “learn button” again until the light next to it is on, and then go immediately to the wall-mounted keypad in order to type the new code. In this step, you have to be sure that the new code is something easy for you to remember.
  4. When you are entering the code, commonly the light in the motor will blink. This is an indicator that the new code has been accepted. When done, you need to press the “learn button” once again to make the light indicator illuminates again.
  5. Press the button on the remote of the garage door to reprogram it. When the motor’s light blink, the remote has been reprogrammed to match with the new code.
  6. If you have more than one remote used to open and close the garage door, you need to do the 5th step repeatedly to reprogram each remote control.

Watch this video for more details.

change code on garage door

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