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Lounge Area In The Garden – If you get a generously sized garden one of the most suitable and particularly suitable solutions especially for the summer season is the installation of a relaxation area. The options are many and it all depends on personal taste of each, the type of environment you want to create, and, of course, the size of the space. Then here is some useful starting point to begin with.

An outdoor lounge area

an outdoor lounge in garden

Just like the living room of the house, even the garden, during the summer season, can turn into an elegant outdoors lounge, particularly handy when you want to organize lunches and dinners. To furnish this area you must first do before reckon with the available space and then carefully choose furnishings and details to make it appropriate to your needs and your tastes. The first items to consider are the furniture, so the table, chairs and any chairs. Depending on the type of lounge area you want to create, smaller and more intimate for a small garden or more extensive if the space you have available is large, you’ll have to guide the choice of furnishings.

The furnishings

fireplace garden lounge

It is important that the furnishings are proof outdoor, compounds of a suitable material resistant to exposure to fresh air and, as far as possible, to atmospheric agents. Among the most popular are the wrought iron, rattan and bamboo as regards the choice of chairs and seats with padded cushion.

Modern leather lounge entertainment are bordered by living water garden

The second option is to carefully consider the exposure to sunlight; have lunch in the sun on a summer day can turn out to be uncomfortable effects and unsuitable. For this reason, if space allows, the best choice is to place a gazebo near the lounge area, you can further decorate with curtains or drapes, or umbrellas for the outdoors that recall the colors and l ‘ furnishing of tables and chairs.

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Concrete block room lounge garden lighting lawn area

The third option, if you do not like the idea of ​​the umbrella and you are unable to install a gazebo, is to choose to dial the lounge area in part of the garden that will always remain in the shade, and is never exposed to the sun, to avoid disappointment.

The barbecue area

The barbecue area

If you already have a barbecue in the garden, fixed ones and stone, try to set up the lounge area so it is not too inconvenient to cook and serve the dishes. The tables and chairs, in this case, must be as close as possible to the barbecue, not only for comfort, but also to have greater practicality in the movements.

The relaxation area

The relaxation area

Garden lounge area

Next to the lounge area dedicated to dining, you can also opt for a strictly dedicated to the relaxation area. Just a couple of chairs, or a set of sofas with a coffee table of small dimensions, to create a small oasis devoted to rest and to serve coffee to guests in peace. And if you really want to create a perfect environment for relaxation, if garden space is large enough, you can opt for a hammock, undisputed symbol of the summer break, for a rocking sofa, a swing or a couple of chaise lounge.

garden lounge area

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