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The charm of tropical plants is undeniable; it is very decorative species, which can give any room a natural and attractive appearance. With a few tips you can grow these species in a rather simple and transform our home or office in a small and personal tropical oasis. Tropical plants are among the most popular varieties for all interior fittings; It is species that, thanks to their appearance characterized by a large foliage, are always very attractive. The tropical plants are perfect to be grown indoors since they require warm temperatures and a good degree of humidity; there are many varieties that can grow well in homes and offices, transforming an artificial environment and shared in a small and attractive tropical garden. In any interior space, whether it be the rooms of the house, rather than of any other building, tropical plants will enjoy a temperature that varies between 15 and 25°C, the ideal climate for their survival. The other aspect to be reckoned with is related to moisture; these species are generally accustomed to a rate of about 80% and usually the humidity of our dwelling is lower (between 30% and 60%); for this reason it will be necessary often flush with water and place them away from artificial heat sources. The bathroom, for example, if bright enough, can be an ideal place for these systems; their need for high humidity will be perfectly happy in this room of the house. Let's see some of the best known species and more often used for interior decoration. 1. Howea Forsteriana Known as Kenzia, it has long pinnate leaves 2 meters and extremely light; This tropical plant is also suitable for exposure in dim light, while preferring brighter positions, is to be avoided, however, the direct sunlight. The Kenzia needs regular, moderate but frequent watering, and spraying water directly on the foliage, especially in summer. It recommended a soil rich in organic matter and mixed with a sandy part to facilitate drainage. 2. Chamaedorea Elegans Commonly called "palm tree of fortune", it has always been grown as an ornamental plant for the decoration of apartments and offices. This species is well suited to growing in pots, where, however, can hardly bear fruit; It requires exposure light and filtered sunlight. Watering should be regular and thinned out in the winter, always avoiding the excesses that can cause water to stagnate. In hot weather, you should spray the leaves frequently and fertilize the plant every month. The soil should be well drained and, especially during the repotting, enriched with humus. 3. The Strelitzia This genus includes several species with large roots and large evergreen leaves. The variety most widely grown as an ornamental is the Strelitzia reginae, a plant with large oval and elongated leaves and flowers with very specific colors ranging from orange to yellow to deep blue. Another species widely used for interior decoration is the Strelitzia nicolai native of southern Africa. This variety is characterized by large and showy leaves similar to those of the banana tree. It is generally easy to grow plants that require warm and sunny environments, fertile soil, regular fertilization and frequent sprays (2 times per month) in the summer season, monthly during winter. 4. The Philodendron It is a genre that includes more than 700 plants that need a very bright place where not receive direct sunlight. Among the varieties most widely grown as ornamental plants we find Fr. pertusum, characterized by large leaves deeply incised and pierced. These plants need a soil rich in humus and well drained and of a fertilizing liquid mineral fertilizer twice a month in summer and monthly in winter.

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