Cardboard furniture bed within cardboard furniture cardboard furniture: italian design companies

Cardboard Furniture Bed Within Cardboard Furniture Cardboard Furniture: Italian Design Companies

We discover together two Italian companies specializing in the design and manufacture of furniture in cardboard, a versatile and environmentally friendly material and which can also be used in home decor. The mobile trend cardboard is spreading more and more among the proposals for eco current design. Not surprising to understand that many companies, especially start-ups, we are using this so flexible material to give life to entire collections of furniture, which promise a long life and wink at creative recycling. Let us discover two Italian companies specializing in the design and production of Cardboard Furniture. He contacted Alberto De Faveri in charge of web development company In Cardboard Furniture, a young company that deals with the sale of furniture and innovative design, built with ecological materials such as cardboard. In Cardboard Furniture is a company created to meet the demands of those who want to furnish both living spaces that working where the choice of innovative design is combined with the reduction of environmental impact. Here is a short interview with Alberto De Faveri:

"We at Furniture In Cardboard We create products to meet the choices of people sensitive to environmental issues, where its responsible choice to be able to reflect and convey his sensitivity to the community. Our idea is to bring a truly alternative for the furniture, taking advantage of alternative and ecological materials to improve the living environment with a philosophy based sull'usare environmentally friendly materials and recyclable, so what better than paperboard material?
The carton is known as packing material or coating, but we at Furniture In Cardboard do more. We were able to take advantage of the carton and all its merits, creating innovative furniture, design capable of spreading warmth and originality in the environment to be furnished.
"Our philosophy imposes strict choices in the use of materials, design and manufacturing of our products and in their delivery. All these steps are taken care of in order to reduce waste related to the materials used, their processing and packing for the purpose of a goal: respect for nature. In the hands of our customers will come a kit with instructions to facilitate mounting of the element chosen, so be yourself the creator of your eco-furniture."
On the website you will find articles of furniture for every need, with the ability to create customized and personalized items, thanks to our designers who work in the field of furniture for over 20 years, available for consulting and for any update on the world of cardboard furniture. Cardboard furniture: furnishings of Chaudhary Design Now we want to talk about another reality that speaks Italian and called Chaudhary Design. The company is located in Barletta, in a pole famous for the production of furniture, but differs from colleagues to alternative and sustainable materials, such as cardboard. This is not a company founded in the furnishing sector, although with a thirty year history as Chaudhary was born as screen printing. There are many projects related to art, some presented even in popular places and events, but the highlight of the company's production was achieved in 2009 with the project Ecomobile, a customizable furniture collection made of cardboard. The company produces chairs, tables, armchairs and even cardboard shelves, highly customizable thanks to the internal screen print but available in very interesting collections. It is geometric elements, employing cardboard not only as raw material, but also as a source of inspiration for a design that leads immediately to its shape and its composition. The cardboard is not, in fact, distorted and furniture Chaudhary seem to use it naturally, to give life to a piece of furniture designed for private homes, but also to the studies and the most original contract. There are many collections, by the charismatic Louis XVI Wicker to the scenic line, with the strength of combining furniture Pisk letters to hyper modern Gaia. Significant collaboration with the Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, which has been re-cardboard furniture with its verve and its colors instantly recognizable, but must be noted even the items that belong to the Ouroboros line, rounded to optics collection Moku and the rise of vitality of Colors collection. Packaging, merchandising and especially furniture represent the core business of the company, which has chosen to follow a green philosophy that aims at the reduction of the items obtained from petrochemicals, for simplicity in furniture and a reduction in packaging. The Board is therefore the ideal starting point for those who want a unique furniture made of environmentally friendly, customizable and resistant pieces but never discounted, as calls for the best furniture of this.

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