DIY Garage Door Roller Maintenance Tips

Worn roller can cause loud noises which you would not fancy a bit. This is the garage door roller maintenance to prevent such noises.

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Maintenance is needed when it comes to garage door roller. Garage door roller maintenance needs to be done to prevent several unwanted and unexpected things from happening. The roller of a garage door functions as the agents to move the garage door from one point to another. Therefore, you have to conduct regular maintenance to keep it working like that. Although once in a while roller might get broken because of worn out too much, when that happens usually roller start making loud noises that people hate so much. This is how to maintain roller when roller start making noises.

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Garage Door Roller Maintenance for Noisy Door

There is one thing which you need to check when roller start being noisy. Are the parts all attached tightly? Or are there now begun to lose? If parts such as buts and bolts on your garage door are not tightening properly, this will make the roller sounds so noisily like that. So, all you have to do is tighten them, then spray all the moving components with garage door lubricant. After that, you better check the roller, if it is worn out badly and wiggling when the door moves, it is dangerous and require immediate fixing by replacing the old roller with new one.

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If you are confused what kind of roller you should buy that work better than your old roller and easy maintained, then it is highly recommended for you to use nylon roller. It is quieter and easier to maintain; it also has sealed bearings and does not require periodic oiling, although nylon is more expensive, it seems like it is worth every cents of it. Other than maintaining the roller, you also need to maintain the hinge, because sometimes the roller is fine, but the hinges are worn and broken that it influences the roller to acts up as well.

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After maintaining the roller by tightening the components, you can also spare some of your time to check the opener chain, because the loud noise might come from a loose garage door opener chain. A loose garage door opener chain can cause the roller moves out of the track, therefore it is important to conduct maintaining of the chain. That’s how you maintain roller of your garage door as well as other components that play a big deal in contributing the damage. One thing leads to another, that’s the phrase and it is true. So, it is important conduct garage door roller maintenance for garage door’s life expectancy.

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