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Realization of the glass doors DIY

Natural light is synonymous with vital energy and we all love to let her in through the windows and let it spread to every corner of the house. But it may happen that some of the rooms are more dark than others and we then compel to always leave the door open in order to allow the light flow from the adjoining rooms. Or we would love to get a large room to be allocated a separate area at the corner office or play area for the children, but do not know how, while ensuring both privacy brightness.

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No fear! With little expense and a little ‘commitment, we can achieve the glass doors DIY: enlighten our darkest space while maintaining confidentiality, or create the separations we desire without sacrificing the brightness of natural light. For our project, we will use the tools we already have and we promise to find easily the necessary material as a glazier and a home improvement center.

Project definition and measurement

First we decide what kind of door we want to realize: If slide or swing.

If we have to close a portion of the room, the best solution is to install a sliding door to the outer rail, formed from one or more glass panels mounted on a guide fixed to the ceiling. then we take the dimensions of the opening: the width will serve to make us recommend the most suitable track at the center of DIY, but we will use both width and height to determine the corresponding dimensions of the panel or of the glass panels to be ordered to glassmaker. If there is already a port that we want to replace it with a glass, the best solution is to create a hinged door using the existing frame. Let us take the precise measurement, both in width and in height, in order to cut the glazier a panel within these dimensions. Because the panel is sufficiently solid but not too heavy, it is advisable to choose a thickness from 70 to 90 mm.

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Glass doors do it yourself

In case of sliding doors, we will have one or more panels to be prepared to adapt to the external binary that we purchased at the center of DIY.

We treat the glass panels lending support individually one at a time on a stable surface covered with a woolen cloth, so as not to slip or damage the glass surface; then, at the top of one of the short sides, we draw with a crayon marks for the holes for the fixing, at places of attacks on the rail.

Glass doors do it yourself on your home

In case of a swing door with existing subframe, strip it of its door by removing the screws which keep it fixed to the two hinges. Hold the glass in place under the existing hinges and track signs to the fixing holes. Therefore we support the Panel on the floor for drill holes.

The holes in the panels must be done with the drill and a diamond point, suitably lubricated with oil so as not to chip the glass. Better to use a speed controller that allows us to control the pressure of the tip on the glass.

door in glass do it yourself

To add a minimal handle to the door, we can apply to the drill tip in a circular milling cutter with a diameter of 3-3.5 cm, with which a hole laterally at half the height of the panel.

Maybe this video can help you how to install do it yourself glass doors.

Glass doors DIY: Fixing to the compartment door

In case of sliding doors, before we fix the rail to the ceiling with the dowels to the wall and then assemble each side prepared to the appropriate pins housed in the track. Depending on the chosen type of track, we use the supplied hardware or that the gentleman at the home improvement center department will have shown us as more suitable for securing the glass. In the case of hinged door, we put the glass in the hinges already existing hole against the hole. For fixing, use bolts of an overall length equal to the thickness of the hinge over the panel: choose the button head screw with hexagonal slot for Allen key and the cap nut with hexagonal base spherical cap, thus minimizing the visual impact of hardware. After mounting, we admire our project as well: perhaps there will be cost free time and a little ‘uncomfortable in the house … but we must be very proud of the result. We made of glass doors DIY elegant and airy with little expense!

do it yourself glass doors glass doors diy

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