Drapery Ideas for Arched Windows

Arched windows lend an air of luxury in a room. But, coming across drapery that is tailor made for arched Windows is a difficult task. Unless you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on custom drapery, you need to get creative when it comes to selecting curtains for your windows architecturally rich.

drapery ideas for arched windows

Understated Drapery

Just because the windows have dramatic details does not mean your draperies should follow suit. Avoid flamboyance in sinuous bow window drapery fabric allows for truly become the star of the show. Use simple, plain curtains with only one outstanding detail. An outstanding detail may be a slight ruching center or a silk valance. Alternatively, give details on the curtains and character through the curtain rod. Choose a curtain rod that has a central emblem carved or dons finials exceptionally designed.

Arch Invisible

Not everyone has a soft spot for the arched windows. If the arched windows are a feature of your home you are not necessarily attached to it, not feel obliged to show them off. To play your arched Windows, you’ll need a fairly long, long curtains and curtain rod valance. Start by mounting the curtain rod directly above the Arch of the window. Then, simply place the curtains and valance on the rod. Adjust the curtains block until you are satisfied with the placement. This will make it almost impossible to tell that your house has arched windows.

Curved Rod

If the arched windows are in your bedroom, you will need window treatments that will completely block the sunlight in the morning. Instead of buying custom blinds or shades, use a curved curtain rod to get a high end and functional aspect. Hang the curtain rod along the curvature of the window. Then, just slide your curtains on the rod. Removable curtains on decorative curtain rod are directly suitable as they will simply collect rings on the ends of the rod.

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