Features Of Sliding Doors

The characteristics of the sliding doors are manifold; they are available in the following variants:

1) sliding doors to outside 2) internal sliding doors 3) pocket doors 4) sliding doors with solid panels 5) sliding doors with opaque glass plates worked.

features of sliding doors

These ports have a great functionality and are specially designed and built to become part of the furniture; what makes them indispensable is, first of all, their willingness to create two separate environments and get a unique environment again when its doors are left open, enjoying as much as possible of the great outdoors knowing to find, with just a simple gesture, comfort and the desired intimacy.

sliding doors with opaque glass plates worked

Internal and external of sliding doors

The sliding doors are equipped with a particular type of casing which provides for the sliding of the doors inside or outside of the wall. While in the second case, the door is superimposed on the wall, occupying the space useful for the location of mobiles, radiators or light points, in the first, however, through some of wall demolition work, will be collected in a bin which must It is hosted the door and the surface will be completely free and available for the various uses of furniture.

sliding doors with solid panels

To perform this type of work is good to remember that it must be carried in sufficient thickness, except those bearing walls; If the wall is not likely to support a concealed door, you can add a lining wall in plasterboard, to allow the insertion of the sub-frame, or is useful to opt for external sliding door, mounted on a platform at the top.

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internal sliding doors

Applications of sliding doors

The sliding doors are used in any home is newly constructed, which under renovation, on the plasterboard wall and the brick; allow you to define different environments, without destroying the sense of unity, typical of a house. There are several models made in solid panels or with opaque glass plates worked and often enriched with simple decorations and encased in a frame, for those who want to get more light in the environments that host them.

Sliding doors features wooden frame door and glass sliding door for bathroom door

Various sliding doors solutions

With the use of different materials, such as wood, glass, aluminum, or with the combination of two or more elements, it is possible to realize individual solutions formed by only one leaf of the size ranging from 70 to 90 centimeters or, for those wishing to share larger rooms, like the dining room from the kitchen area, there is a double or triple variant consisting of two or three doors, a mixture of transparencies, reflections and colors that can make dynamic internal, inter-related but elegantly divided discreetly and simplicity. Their versatility makes them suitable to any room and are able to offer a great convenience, a lot of elegance and design embellishing the rooms with an overall view of technological innovation and different styles, with the aim of creating more and more personalized spaces.

features of sliding doors with gray sofa and a unique lamp for living room equipped plants in pots so that living room was cool

sliding door wardrobes for small spaces

sliding door wardrobes

sliding door wardrobes design

sliding doors to outside

Sliding-door wardrobes

Very beautiful and great-looking, even the sliding doors used to perform the walk-in closets; thanks to their space-saving opening, you can convert a recessed space in the form of niche and untapped present in a room, in a beautiful and equally useful wardrobe. Among the features of the sliding doors there is the advantage of not taking up space at any time of its opening, an essential quality for small areas and limited, an intelligent and highly effective solution for those who love the convenience without sacrificing elegance and style functional.

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features features of sliding doors sliding doors

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