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First let’s start with what exactly Feng Shui. The term of Feng shui translates to wind and water, which is a Chinese system believes that use the laws of both Heaven and Earth to help improve their lives. Who are you referring to universal energy; that Feng shui has been practiced for over 3,500 years and still plays a role in many modern homes. Many people believe that the practice of Feng shui is very important to live a happy and healthy life.

For Feng shui of your home must be balanced with yang energy, this supports social activities. To improve the chi in your living room you need to have forms and lights, this term in the Feng shui is a place to shine. ‘You should allow as much natural light as possible into your living room with the lights and lamps, but stay away from the big chandeliers that are located directly above people’s heads, these light sources may be too strong.

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Having a fireplace benefit your living room becomes the focal point, whether it is a real wood-burning fireplace or a ventless fireplace, this becomes the guest room. Fireplaces provide warmth and move those to increase energy, they are ideal for places in the east, southeast, south, southwest and northeast. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in one of those areas of your living room by adding a box of burning flower color or colors that symbolize the fire in the fireplace will increase the energy of the room. Just make sure not to put a mirror above a working fireplace, as it gives the feeling to extinguish the fire, there is a good energy.

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Feng Shui Living Room With Contemporary Designs To Try Traba Homes Regarding Feng Shui For Your Living Room Feng Shui Living Room Tips

Unfortunately, when the fireplace is not in a perfect location in the house, say west, north-west or north, the first thing you need to do is start the fireplace and start from scratch… Ok, no, you should know that it was a joke, there is absolutely no need to ruin a beautiful fireplace not only because it is in the ‘pa kua feng shui’ correct. If you were lucky enough to have a traditional fireplace you enjoy the beauty of your home with the destructive cycle of elements, hung a large mirror above the fireplace is a good idea in this case. The Metal and water agitation is a perfect move west, northwest and north.

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If you have not been blessed with a fireplace in the house, then the purchase of a ventless fireplace be ideal at this time, it will add a stunning center. Then put the furniture around the edges of the room, leaving clear windows and doors from the backs of sofas, leaving also the center of the empty room, you do not want to block this area. The width of the room who is blocking the flow, another important thing is to create strong to eliminate sharp edges, called “poison arrows” in terms of Feng Shui, which is known to make people feel tense.

The people of the north and north-east are often used to recharge the energy, the use of wood, vegetables and plants, metals and earth symbols. Whites, creams, chrome, yellow, granite or marble are great for these areas. The East, south-east and south promote growth and sociability, the use of wood, green, plants, flowers and touches of red rising prosperity. For the earth colors blend the southwest and west with some metals can relax energy and help you think creatively. So relax and get started!

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