How To Furnish Bathroom: Tips and Trends

One of the most difficult rooms to be furnished is undoubtedly the bathroom. Often the space is reduced and the tools and useful products to the personal care, from daily to keep on hand, are so many. The key word is “organization”. We must organize spaces, organizing the furniture distribution, organizing of accommodation in mobile products at our disposal.

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The designers suggest some points concerning the furnishing bathroom, beyond which you can give vent to their imagination and creativity, creating highly personal and original solutions. But before you make it cozy and pleasant the bathroom, it should make it practical and functional.

furnishing bathroom modern furniture closet and bath accessories

To achieve these results, you have to consider some furnishings items which are essential to create a bathroom that is truly livable.

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First, a bathroom well organized and has a practical cabinet, to store: products, towels, hair dryer and all the necessary equipment.

The bathroom cabinets most popular are of two types: ground cabinets and cabinets on the wall or suspended.

bathroom furnishing ideas towels wall cabinet and standing cabinet bathroom white flooring

The Cabinets of the Earth are definitely the most traditional. Compact, robust and capacious, allow to arrange a large number of products and to maintain the general order. typical of the classical style. Revisited and appreciated even by the modern style lovers.

furnishing bathroom include vase and larger mirror

The Cabinets Suspended are characterized by their particularly elegant image. They take up less space and therefore are also less capacious, traditional solutions, but have an aesthetic component of great impact. It is the flagship of the modern style models.

Another category of essential furniture for our SPA staff is one of the bathroom cabinet.

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High or low; arranged on the ground or placed on the wall; in wood or with mirror; it comes to furnishing elements essential because they may contain more of everything. Usually joined the cabinet as bathroom with sink, they appear as decorative columns to the wall on which to recline, and at the same time carry out an organizational function for all health and beauty products to be placed in the bathroom.

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If space is limited and to have a cabinet is not possible, an alternative solution is represented by Bath shelves.

Shelves are furnishings that can not fail in the bathroom. Practices, little bulky, arranged on the wall for the accommodation of the different products and with an important decorative function. Alongside more traditional shelves, square, simple, linear, the market offers a large number of original models, innovative and colorful that allow you to give strong personality to your bathroom.

Modern bathroom furnishing with beautiful combination color

If furniture, cabinets and shelves, are very useful to the arrangement of products, to sort the towels you can not do without furniture elements such as: trolleys, towel racks and baskets for dirty laundry.

deep drawers dresser in bathroom

Bath trolleys are extremely functional accessories. In a very short space allow you to organize the necessary linen for an entire day. They occupy space that otherwise would be lost, and being equipped with wheels to facilitate its movement, they can be moved if necessary.

Bath towel rack are available in many shapes, materials and styles. It is complementary with its long tradition. A type of furniture that knows no crisis and that it owes its success to its extreme usefulness. The supports for the linen are crucial both for those who live in the bathroom every day (the inhabitants of the house) is for guests to turn, in order to ensure: order, cleanliness and maximum hospitality.

Deep drawers for dirty clothes are essential in the bathroom in the same media for linen in use. There are more traditional models, wicker, neutral colors, and more modern models, plastic and brightly colored materials. With these additions, obviously, not only equips the bathroom in an exemplary way, but it also provides you with cunning to customize it to make it special, original.

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