Tips For Garage Door Electric Opener Troubleshooting

Most of garage doors electric opener terms are a convenient addition to house. But when malfunctioning, they can cause a lot of problems, as they scramble to determine what might be wrong with them. Try a few simple tips to help diagnose the problem with your garage door electric opener.

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Here Best Guide How to Troubleshoot Garage Door Electric Openers

  1. Check the optical sensors, if your garage door doesn’t open. This is one of the most common causes for a garage door that does not work. The optical sensors or “eyes” should be aimed toward each other; If they are aligned, the door doesn’t open or close. The eyes are situated about 6 inches from the ground at either end of the garage door. Check for anything that may be blocking the eyes, or see if your eyes are not aligned. If so, turn the eyes so that they face each other.
  2. Make sure that the garage door electric opener is plugged in and has power if the port still does not work using the button in the garage or on the remote control. Make sure the drive is plugged in and that the power is on. Check your fuse and circuit breaker box and reset if necessary. Control a motor overloaded waiting 15 minutes and trying to operate the door. If that doesn’t work, you may have a short circuit in the control of the port or tone. Check the cables and repair them if necessary.
  3. Check that the remote is working. If the door opens only from the button, you probably have a problem with the remote control. Change the battery and see if the door works. If the remote has a “lock” on it, make sure that the remote control is not locked by moving the power switch to “off”. If that doesn’t help, the remote control cannot be sending a signal. Reprogram your remote control according to the user’s manual.
  4. Make sure the door control works if you can open the garage door remote control button, but no door. Remove the door from the wall control garage by unscrewing the plate. Disconnect the wires from the control door and hold the wires in front of color together to see if your garage door operates. If so, the control of the door needs to be replaced.
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Tips and warnings

Refer to the operating instructions supplied with your garage door electric opener. This is the most useful and accurate you have to troubleshoot the specific model of operation. Keep your manual handy all the troubleshooting process to help identify the basic parts of the system.

If you don’t hear any grinding or scraping sound coming from above, there is a problem with gears or drive motors that must be examined by an authorized technician. Contact a local repair person that you trust.

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