Garage Door Opener Installation Do It Yourself

Instead of paying someone else to do it, there’s always a good reason to do garage door opener installation yourself. Here’s how you should do it.

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Garage door can be opened in two ways: first, opening by hand and the second is using garage door opener. It sounds as easy as for garage door opener installation isn’t that easy if you don’t know how to do it properly. Although it’s always easy to hire someone else to install it for you, it’s always been suggested to install it yourself, because the installation process only takes a couple hours of patience. Here below is provided ways to install it properly. All you have to do is reading it thoroughly and avoid miss step in order to success the installation.

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How to Do Garage Door Opener Installation

Like writing an essay, there are always opening sections, content and closing. In installing garage door opener, you need to prepare, as in opening of an essay, prepare the bases. In order to install a garage door opener, you need to see whether your garage is compatible or not to have an opener attached to it. Then, buy garage opener which operates with belt. A belt driven garage door opener works a bit quieter than the chain driven garage opener. After that, prepare your garage for the installation to begin and don’t forget about the electrical plug you need near the opener.

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Now, it’s time to star installing. The installation process starts with laying out all the parts come in the package. When you are sure that all the parts are complete, it’s time to assemble the opener:

  • The rail should be attached to one another properly.
  • Slide the trolley over the rail.
  • Attach the rail which has been attached before, to the motor compartment.
  • Then, it’s time for the pulley to go to the end of the rail so the belt can be place through it.
  • Attach the end of the belt to the carriage as the last step before placing screws to the end of the belt in order to adjust the tension.
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The opener should be attached to the ceiling; therefore you have to install blocking on the ceiling. After blocking fully attached to the ceiling and the wall, there must be a bracket comes within the opener package. Your job is to find the point of connection of the door to attach the bracket. Then, the end of the main assembly should be attached above the garage door, while the other end goes high above. To connect them, attach them to the bracket previously installed. That’s how you do the garage door opener installation.

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