Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door opener installation might be a simple thing to do. If you do not want to use more money by hiring an installation service, you can even try to install the opener on your own since guides and tutorials are usually included in every purchase. Besides, you can also find out the ways to install the opener very easily on internet. Even if you can do all those, there is as a matter of fact something important you need to know. It is none other but the things to check before and after the installation.

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Before Installation

Before garage door opener installation, the first thing to check is whether or not all parts of the garage door work properly. Many people found out that the garage door could not be opened properly and they thought the opener was broken. As a matter of fact, broken or misplaced parts can possibly be the main cause and not the opener.

The next thing to check is the balance of the door, which will also be supportive to the performance of the opener. After checking those, you need to make sure choosing the right opener. If possible it is much better to choose the best and most recommended one even this may be a bit more expensive. The reason to do so is none other but investment.

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Besides the things to check, before the installation it is also better for you to prepare several things. The first one is the opener ladder, which is suggested to be installed first for easy opener installation later. The second one is angle iron, which is much better to be the heavy duty one because of the durability value.

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After Installation

After installing the door opener, the next thing to do is making sure the opener can work properly to open and close your garage door. This can be done by resting one of your feet on the garage door while at the same time you open the door by using remote. If the door is still opening when you rest your foot on it means there is something wrong with the opening force and you need to tune it again. Doing so is also known to be helpful in fixing one of the most common problems found in garage door opener, which is reversing door, which usually happens when you try to close the door with the opener.

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