Garage Door Opener Remote Offers Security

Today’s garage door opener remote uses the latest rolling code technology. The use of this technology makes these doors more efficient and capable of providing users with more security. The code changes each time someone uses the remote. Code grabbers cannot find out the new codes that will be generated the next time you are going to use the door. The last code that was generated to open the door is useless since the system has already changed the code used.

how to open your garage door opener with remote control

How New Garage Door Openers Are Different From Old Ones?

The old remote transmitters were very much similar to the remote-controlled bomb detonators that were used in WWII. These remote transmitters used single radio frequency for garage door opener activation. The old remote transmitters were not safe because anyone who had garage door opener remote could easily open an automatic garage door.

Programming Your Garage Door Opener Remote

You can program your garage door opener remote yourself without any difficulty if you know the right way of doing it. Follow the steps below to program your garage door opener remote.

  1. Press “Learn” button. An indicator light will start flashing and you’ll hear a beep.
  2. Choose button of your choice (for opening or closing the garage).
  3. The LED indicator on the overhead unit will stop blinking and you’ll hear a beep .This means, you’ve successfully programmed the remote.

After programming the remote, test it to make sure you have programmed it correctly.

Every garage door opener remote comes with a step-by-step instruction manual, so if you find any problem in understanding it, you can take help from this manual. Always go through this manual first and if you are still confused, call the manufacturer for more detailed advices about using the garage door opener remote correctly.

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