Why Your Garage Door Opener Won’t Close?

One of garage door issues which people usually deal with is about garage door opener. If you ever find your garage door won’t open, don’t be too fast to call service agent or professional help. Actually, there are some problems which can be fixed by yourself. So, you don’t have to waste your money on service. All you have to do is checking the symptoms. Yes, every issue has a certain symptom, and you can mend it on your own. Here are some common reasons why your garage door opener won’t close.

garage door won't close all the way

The Reasons

  • There’s some object blocking its path. As you may have known, garage door works in reversible mechanic. If it opens but won’t close, chances are there are something, any kind of object, most likely it’s garbage, which blocks its path. So, the mechanism won’t work. Sometimes it’s also simple, like buildup debris.
  • Problem in spring. You should know garage doors are often heavy. Doors come with maximum two torsion springs. The problem may be caused by, either the door opener is unable to lift the door weight or the spring is broken.
  • Your garage door opener setting is already reached its limit. This is usually marked by door goes down, then opens again and can’t be closed. Actually, this tells us that the settings may be too high, so your door may fall before the opener mechanism thinks there’s an object blocking its path. So it will automatically operate its reverse mechanism to avoid crushing the object.
  • A knob or rope is unhooked accidentally. You may have known, every garage door opener is equipped with a disconnect switch if the power fails to let you close and open manually the door, and this switch is connected to a knob or a rope. The result it, your garage door may run, but it doesn’t move.
  • The motor tries to lift the door and the door won’t move. The result is your garage door may run for about a few seconds, but still the door doesn’t move. It this happens, you need to check the springs and tracks if there may be any blocking object.
  • Broken spring or broken cables which connect springs in your doors. The result is, your garage door is able to be closed, but it’s very fast and sometimes with a loud bang. The tension spring or the cables which may be broken should be checked.
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garage door opener won’t close

The Solutions

If one of aforementioned cases is the cause of why your garage door opener won’t close, so it’s recommended for you to do these things; first, always clean your rail or track path. Any buildup debris, dust, or garbage there may block its mechanism, preventing your door to close properly. Second, check your operator’s manual to set close and open limit. Third, you may want to consider reattaching your hook secure. Last, older doors usually worn out as time goes by. So, sometimes it’s better for you to completely replace the doors. That’s why, it’s recommended for you to always maintain your garage door regularly once you installed it.

Maybe this video can help you how to fix when your garage door opener won’t close.

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