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The garage shutters are the type of doors used by more and more, because they are the cheapest and are also easy to open. Just like the shutters of the shops, the shutters go down to the pits and get up by grabbing a handle and making a motion from top to bottom and vice versa. When opened, the damper is wound on itself; it is very comfortable doors with the only disadvantage being quite noisy, both when using them both when they are closed, because often just a breath of wind to move them. In any case, the prices of these garage doors vary depending on the measures and the material with which the damper is made. A type of aluminum base can also cost less than 100 euro, but of course we talk about those manuals. If you want a damper with automatic lifting, activated by key or remote control, then the price goes up and goes from 300 to 500 Euros.

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Another good solution, less noisy and less tiring, to close your garage is to resort to the overhead doors. These are large metal such as aluminum doors that always raise by grabbing a handle; but the door, being constituted by a single panel, is not wound on itself but rather is lifted returning backwards, towards the inside of the garage. This type of garage door can be customized in many ways, not only in the material: you can choose, for example, a particular color because it can be painted, or you can choose to create in the large front door, over the entrance to the car, also a pedestrian entrance. You can choose, also, to install an automatic opening system by key or remote control. All these factors will determine the prices of these garage doors: a basic model for a box for a single machine costs about 250 euro; an overhead door for a larger garage and maybe even with pedestrian entrance, can cost up to €500, while a model with automatic opening can be up to 600 Euros.

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When you live in a condo you have very little chance to choose the door to your garage, because in most cases, the doors are made in series. When it has, instead, the possibility to choose it by itself, as in the case of a detached house or a cottage, you can choose to install a door which is also beautiful as well as functional. This is the case of doors with two doors, also known as a book: from outside the box no longer seem only a garage but will have the appearance of a real front door, where you can also put some nice handles and locks specifications. The prices of these garage doors vary greatly depending on the material chosen. If you opt for the classic aluminum, that is also used for rolling and tilting, the prices may also be contained, say up to about €300. If you want a more elaborate door and finished and you go on the wood, then prices can exceed 500 euro.

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Today garages are popular models of innovative closures and ever safer. The manufacturers, in fact, are doing a lot of attention to providing its customers the doors difficult to crack, trying locks and motorization systems increasingly elaborate and in case of an alarm block systems. Among the so-called models in book, today also include those with sliding doors, which can be of two types: or concealed in the wall, or to overlapping panels. Alternatively, there are those with overlapping panels which close the doors as an accordion or bellows to cooking. In many of these models it is also possible to insert the windows to make them more beautiful, although each opening the door makes it less secure. The prices of these garage doors finished ranging from 500 euro up for those concealed, and from 300 Euros up for those with overlapping panels.

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