Garden Lighting: Practical Tips And Suggestions

Let’s find out all our suggestions on how to organize the garden lighting

Garden lighting Who has a garden in front of the house knows how important it is to better organize outdoor lighting.

Effectively illuminate the garden, in fact, it is useful when you come home at night and you go through the garden, but also for parties and dinners during the summer evenings.

To organize the garden lighting you have to keep in mind a number of factors:

  • the areas where you want to place the lights
  • the type of light and the type of power (electricity, solar power, batteries, fuel …)
  • It will also be essential to ask whether you want to buy lights that turn on automatically thanks to a motion sensor – ideal for the lights next to the passage – or if you prefer to manually turn on lights by using a switch.

Outdoor And Garden Lighting System Design Supply And Installation In Garden Lighting Garden Lighting: Practical Tips And Suggestions

Garden lighting: the Outdoor lamps

There are various types of specific lamps for the garden: an example are the classic lights that are positioned directly on the ground, but also the garden lanterns are common to light the paths.

Then there are the lights outside, perfect to be attached to walls or pillars: the applique offer uniform lighting and more extensive than the lights or lanterns.

The small LEDs that illuminate the passageways out there, but even the classic hanging lanterns that in addition to light create an atmosphere suffused. In short, it all depends on your needs and the results to be obtained in your own garden.

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How to organize the garden lighting: Lighting the organization

Garden Lighting Design Regarding Garden Lighting Garden Lighting: Practical Tips And Suggestions

The first thing to do to organize the outdoor lighting is to determine what are the areas that are lit and how many and what bulbs are required for the purpose.

A big garden will need more light, while a small garden can already benefit from a few well-placed lamps.

The ideal is to illuminate well the passageways, the entry of the house, and the most widely used for recreation and relaxation areas – the gazebo that is used for dinners in the garden, for example. The trails will be useful for solar lanterns or medium intensity LEDs that turn on at dusk and are lit all night; otherwise you can bet on some lights with motion sensor that will access only when needed.

Home Lighting Led Lights In The Garden Regarding Garden Lighting Garden Lighting: Practical Tips And Suggestions

The motion sensor is also required for the light at the entrance of the house, a commodity of which we will notice no longer be able to do without when you come home late at night – but try the switch groping!

The lighting however is not used every day, and which is addressed to evening entertainment areas can be safely operated by switches, so turn it on only when needed.

This brief overview will help to understand how to organize in general lighting for your garden, but as in any situation will be important to make decisions based on the type of garden and lifestyle. The factor to be reckoned with? When using electricity will be good to pay attention to cables and switches, which must be weather resistant and safe.

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