Green Installations: How to make a beautiful and elegant trellis

Green installations – When it comes to decorating the garden, rather than the porch or terrace, one of the most popular installations and is the most ornamental trellis; in addition to the joint structures, on which are grown freely green or flowering climbing plants, you can create very impressive through the implementation of various geometric patterns. In this post we offer a very unique and attractive decoration, as well as simple and economic rather to achieve, through which you can create a stylish and authentic ambiance exploiting a dwelling free wall or the relaxing garden area.

As happens when you choose the various species to grow in your outdoor space in order to add a personal touch and decoration, the same way you can make a large number of green installations with which to decorate the garden, rather than on the porch or the terrace.

The gardeners often decide to build the gazebo, relaxation areas and the pylons to improve the aesthetics of the lawn, as well as to test their creativity; in this light it is important to consider all possible alternatives and more or less suited to the space available.

Elegant and simple trellis for your garden diy

If, for example, you have a free wall in the garden, whether it be of a dwelling wall of a fence or a wall of the portico, you can use it to create a green installations design using an ornamental climbing plant.

In this case, we’ll show you how to create a sort of trellis using the metallic wall placed wires, which serve to create a real design that will help create an atmosphere evocative and elegant in a specific area of the garden.

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To achieve this decorative structure you can use both green vines such as ivy, which flourished as, for example, jasmine, bougainvillea, hydrangea, wisteria and many others. If you want a quick result is important to use only plants that have already developed the tendrils, and opt for fast growing species.

What is needed

tools needed for remodeling the garden

  • Scissors
  • Galvanized Wire
  • Eye screws
  • Drill
  • Meter
  • Creeper Plant

How to do

Obviously it is possible to realize this “green” installation by following different designs; in this specific case it is opted for a crossed scheme that is simple to realize also for those who venture for the first time in the creation of a trellis, and that at the same time ensures a really great aesthetic result.

1. First you have to draw the lines to be followed in the application of the wire using the meter for the purpose of creating a design as much as possible smooth and precise.

draw the lines Mark the position of the wire intersection, drilling with the drill at the point where the eye screws will be placed.

Mark the position of the wire intersection 2. To draw precise lines you can use a wooden stick as a ruler, a rigid tube or a spirit level to make sure that all the points where the lines intersect are flush; This depends on the accuracy with which you want to work.

draw accurately 3. After installing all the eye bolts it’s time to fix the wires; it is recommended to always use protective gloves because it usually forms a very sharp burr.

planting vines 4. Once safely secured all the wires that create the design, planting climbing choices and wrap the wire around the better.

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Elegant and simple trellis for your garden diy02

This crisscross pattern structure requires the planting of several specimens of the climbing plant chosen, each of which will be placed at the base of each diamond column.

You can finally add some decorative elements on the wall in which there is a drawing created with the climbing, to complete and customize the new green installation.

garden green installation

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