Guide to Choosing Curtains for Interiors

The curtains should be chosen when it is completed the rest of the house, so as to be based on the general style to choose the appropriate size.

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What are the curtains for interiors

Curtains for interiors have three main functions: • ensure privacy • filter sunlight adequately • furnish the environment taste.

An important object is to protect the privacy from prying eyes, especially when it comes to homes located at the lower levels of a building. But also make it possible to rule out the vision of unsightly views, as a busy road or a wall place right in front of the window.

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You can play with the fabrics to adjust the intensity of light at will: with those from the heavier textures and dark in color, it will be possible to limit an excessive solar radiation; with lighter fabrics and light colors, you will be able to maintain proper confidentiality, without removing light to the house.

Naturally, there are also those that combine two fabrics, a heavier and a light and not darkening, so that they can be adjusted in the course of the day or throughout the year, depending on the intensity of light desired.

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In a house, as the natural lighting is important, its adequate adjustment is necessary. Too strong sunlight, for example, can be bothersome early in the morning in the bedroom. But the excessive solar radiation can also increase the heating of a room during the hottest hours. To this it can be said that the curtains, in addition to adjusting the light intensity, also carry out the function of heat insulation.

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The curtains finally play an important role in furnishing, giving a touch of color and style. Apart exceptions studied in a particular way, a room without windows appears bare, empty, still incomplete.

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Types of curtains for interiors

Generally we use the term as a synonym for curtains for indoor tent, but in fact between the two types there is some difference.

The curtains are typically made with heavier fabrics and have the function of obscuring environments too illuminated and to retain heat during the cold months. Being richer, with draping and ruffles, they are also more expensive.

Curtains for interiors however are less formal, have a lighter fabric, and are also less expensive, because they require less.

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These curtains can be classified into various categories. One of these is that of the so-called technical curtains, used mainly for offices, but also applicable in homes with modern taste: • Venetian • roller blinds • pleated blinds.

The others are more properly considered by furnishing curtains: • Comfortable tents or curled, ideal for bedrooms and living room, are mounted on stick, wooden or metal • Panel curtains, with tear-off operation or string • Roman blinds, driven by a special cord, excellent especially for bathroom and kitchen.

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How to choose curtains for interiors

When choosing curtains for the house to be evaluated in the first few things: • the characteristics of the window which will be mounted: every window has its own type and suitable to consider there are also the length and the fold • the mechanism by which opening occurs • the interior design style of the house.

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About this last point, I remind you that the curtains should be chosen when it is completed all the rest: the walls are painted, the furniture is in place, carpets, lamps and various complements defining the set. Only then will you be based on the style of the entire house to choose the appropriate size.

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A major factor is the color that, as we have seen, also affects the way you want to limit the intensity of the sun’s rays in ambient input.

The type of tent, the fabric type and the color must be selected also on the basis of the room in which they are intended. Kitchen and bathroom require special tents for their features, while among the rooms and the living room there will be different requirements of confidentiality to consider.

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From the practical point of view, another advice that I would give you is to choose fabrics are easy to wash and iron, and colors and enough classic fantasies and not too trendy, so you do not get tired quickly and having to replace remote few years, given that for a good quality tent is faced not just an expense.

About price, I remember that very affects, in addition to the type and amount of fabric used, also the greater or lesser complexity of the opening mechanism.

To prevent any of experiencing unpleasant surprises if you turn to an upholsterer, I remind you to always ask for a quote.

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Make and put up tents for indoor

With the exception of a small glass curtains panels, this complement is difficult to achieve by yourself at home, even for those who are skilled in sewing and DIY.

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The curtains may have fact of mounting systems also rather complex, for which the work of producers involves a close correlation between the mechanical parts, the type of fabric chosen and their assembly.

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As regards the assembly, usually it tends to put the stick immediately above the frame of the window, rather than the need to take as a reference point the frame between ceiling and wall is immediately below this which should be positioned, so as to give more depth to ‘environment.

The curtains also long to be proportionate must have a width greater than that of the window.

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