Guide To Choosing A Wall Mount Rack For Home

Shelves are of extremely valuable furnishings in every room of our house. Mounted on the wall, they are really little bulky and allow in a small space to provide accommodation to various objects and furnishings: souvenirs, books, maps, food products.

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At one time the aesthetics of these additions was completely neglected in favor of their functionality: a shelf at the top, was considered a very good support for placing objects, the more capacious and tough it was.

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The only known shelves in the home of classic-traditional style were solid wood, rectangular, fixed with visible wall brackets, wooden or maximum metal.

In the last decade the currents of modern design have worked mainly on the aesthetic aspect of this indispensable complement and proposed solutions they have been very successful.

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Modular shelves, square, rectangular, oval; shaped shelves ladder to be built on wall in plain view, or wave-shaped, with sinuous curves and captivating corners; shelves in wood, metal, plastic and colored resins …

The market for modern design shelves is absolutely multi-faceted and multi-colored, suitable for all styles, all the needs, all budgets.

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In this extreme variety you run the risk of getting lost a bit, which is why it is good to consider some parameters that can simplify the choice of the ideal shelf.

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First of all it should be noted that the space it needs to go to occupy on the wall, to determine its size; secondly the type of objects that will be accommodated therein, to facilitate the choice of its consistency and therefore of the raw material; Thirdly, the room where it will be mounted, to determine the most congenial aesthetic characteristics in that environment.

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The shelf is, in fact, a piece of furniture that preserves its usefulness in every room of the house, but from an aesthetic-decorative stitch you can distinguish between: kitchen shelves, living room shelves, living room, bedroom shelves, shelves for children’s rooms, bathroom shelves.

The kitchen shelves mostly linear, wood or metal, are usually used for storing spices or other products to keep on hand, in preparing the food and the restaurant. Featuring a simple design that puts emphasis on their functionality.

The shelves of lounge-living are maximally decorative.

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Characterized by a refined aesthetic forms, in the most suitable colors to enhance the overall decor, in the most innovative materials. They are usually used as supports for objects of a certain value and prestige, to be put on display, to make them admired by friends and relatives.

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The bedroom shelves are usually placed on two walls or on the wall above the bed, as a support to keep on hand remote control, books and other objects of daily use; or on a side wall, empty, to aim for more decorative.

In the latter case, the exhibits are usually picture holders, souvenirs or other furnishings closely related to affective and memories, in order to make the bedroom a more intimate place.

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The children’s rooms are highly decorative shelves, in the forms and in many different colors, to satisfy the tastes and desires of children.

These additions and give joy and liveliness to the room, also play an important part in finding useful space for storing toys and gadgets constantly increasing.

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The bathroom shelves are fundamental to settle here all products that we normally use in our daily beauty care.

From the aesthetic point of view you can choose from a multitude of models capable of bringing a touch of elegance to our bathroom, without sacrificing practicality.

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