How Do Garage Doors Work

How do garage doors work ? Automatic garage door, which is basically supported by a motor or opener, is something used by so many people in many parts of the world. Maybe, you are also included in one of them. Even if it is so, do you know about how do garage doors work? Or have you ever think about this in your mind? The most common thing happens is that users of automatic garage door like this only know about how to hire people to install the door and how to use it without really know about how actually the doors work. Just in case that you are curious about the way of work of the doors, here is a brief explanation can be given to you.

how do garage doors work

The main topic we are going to talk about in this case is nothing else but two different types of mechanism, which are nothing else but the main parts to support the work of the door. Those mechanism types are none other but torsion spring mechanism system and extension spring mechanism system.

How do garage doors work

General Information about Torsion Spring Mechanism System

To know about how do garage doors work, first of all, let us talk about the torsion spring system. This one is factually the mechanism system that is more common to use and choose for garage door opener. Usually, the torsion springs are installed above the door or on the ceiling horizontally. The springs will wind up when the door is closed down, giving the whole system energy. On the other hand, when the door is about to be opened, the same springs will unwind and by using the energy mentioned previously, these have enough power to lift the door open.

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how garage doors work

As long as the door is not closed and opened over time, this system mechanism will always work properly and there will never be problems like broken door where the springs are broken or the one that cannot be opened. The work would be even better when proper maintenance is also done to the door mechanism system regularly, including also by oiling some door parts to make the garage access works smoothly without any noise.

Torsion Spring Mechanism System

General Information about Extension Spring Mechanism System

The next type of mechanism system used in common garage door is called as the extension spring mechanism system. The way it works is factually quite similar to the way the other mechanism works explained previously. Although it is so, it cannot be denied that there is a rather big difference found in this one. The difference is located in the springs. These are not winded but stretched instead. This happens when the door is closed. On the contrary, when the door as access to the garage area is opened, the springs will be extended. It is quite the same also with the previous type in the way the mechanism, especially the springs, will be broken when the door is opened and closed too many times in a quite short period. That is why, even this mechanism is different, and the same treatment and maintenance is still needed to be done for better performance and longer durability.

Watch this video for tutorial how do garage doors work.

Garage Doors Work Garage Doors Work Video

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