How to Choose the Garage Door

The first step to choose the garage door is to analyze the size of the box to check the dimensions of the door and the space required to open it.

how to choose garage door with energy efficient garage door

Features of the garage door

The choice of the garage door entails careful assessment of the car in which the box will be inserted, because there are different types and each has its own characteristics in terms of dimensions, type of movement necessary for opening and masonry work for installation .

then is not to neglect the aesthetic appearance of the door, of course, of particular importance if the garage is adjacent to the house, less meaningful if it is in a basement.

Finally, choose the right door for your garage is also important to guarantee him adequate security and protect the contents of the garage. Moreover it contains one of the most expensive goods, as well as useful, for a family car.

garage door traditional style how to choose the right style garage for your home

In recent times it has been put on the market the first garage doors with anti – burglary certification in various classes, which correspond to different levels of resistance to burglary to pierce, for coupling or for traction toward the outside.

For the safety of a garage door it is essential to choose the most robust material. A sheet metal door will be easily attacked, as well as a wood, although with greater difficulty, while the solution which guarantees more resistance to break-in attempts is undoubtedly a steel door, preferably reinforced.

The laws require that garage doors are all equipped with a range of protections saves fingers, anti-fall, anti lateral attachment and you should automatically stop if it detects the presence of unexpected obstacles.

The first step to choose the garage door is therefore to accurately analyze the size of your car garage, to verify that the footprint can have the door and the space needed for opening.

how to choose garage door

Secondly we must define the characteristics of strength, insulation and the most suitable design for your house.

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The garage doors are distinguished primarily according to the system of opening: • tilting • sectional • sliding • Folding or folding • slide gate.

Let us see some of the features of these ports, so you can choose the one that fits your garage.

The door from over garage

The garage doors from the most widespread and also more economic are those of the type said pivoting. Within this category we can distinguish various models, depending on the mechanism of operation and the type of opening: • spring or counterweight • overflowing opening, not overflowing or articulated.

The tilting counterweight opens up thanks to two places counterweights to its sides that come down when opening. The two lateral counterweights occupy a space of about 10 cm for each side. When calculating the dimensions of the door it must be taken into account, so if for example you have a void to 2.50 m in width, the door to close it will have to measure 2.30 cm.

The pivoting opening system is such as to make the movement easier even if the door is large.

For the safety of use of the rocker are equipped with a parachute which, in case of breakage of the ropes that allow the opening, slowing the fall of the door.

They may be insulated by entering inside of the tiles of the thermal and acoustic insulation material.

The outer coating can be made of various materials, such as steel, aluminum, wood, and can be inserted in the glass parts to give brightness inside or pedestrian doors.

The main disadvantage of a swinging door when it is open is instead that remains clearly visible and cluttered in part the passage.

The price of an overhead door can vary on average from a minimum of 400 euro to a maximum of 2,000 Euros for those covered in wood and painted.

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The sectional garage door

The sectional garage door in Italy is still less widespread than the tilting, even if you begin to be appreciated and used. The opening takes place upwards, as for the overhead, but there are no counterweights at the sides.

It is a type of retractable door, where the damper, by sliding on guides, aligns the ceiling and eliminates in this way each type of footprint.

The sectional door is not even overflowing to the outside, so that once opened is not visible and does not protrude from the profile of the facade even in the opening phase.

It allows to park the car also close to the gap, that there is no danger of shock or damage during the opening and closing phases.

This type of door can be operated both manually and automatically, by remote control, and in both cases the movement is very quiet, unlike the overhead doors.

The sectional door can also be suitably insulated so as to keep cool the inside of the box avoiding overheating which could damage the car.

Its price is higher than that of a rocker and is between 1,000 and 3,000 euro.

The door from sliding garage

In the case of the door by sliding the garage, the opening takes place in the horizontal direction and the door slides along the wall.

It is a kind of door which offers a high level of aesthetics and design, but of course requires that car in the box there is sufficient space to allow such movement, for which it must be large.

They, however, there are also of the type which collects along a side wall, sliding on guides with a mechanism similar to that of the sectional doors, suitable for smaller-size box.

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Pricing starts at a minimum of 1,500 Euros and obviously depends on the materials used.

The garage door slide gate

The roller shutter doors can also be used for garage with arched opening.

Even this type of door, such as that sectional, presents the advantage of reducing the overall dimensions of all, because it can be completely rolled up, either manually or electronically, without taking up space.

However, unlike the sectional door, the damper requires masonry work to be able to be installed. On the other hand leaves the completely free ceiling.

The cost is between 1,200 and 3,000 euro.

The garage door folding or folding

The doors with folding closure are used to close the garage with large openings, so they are very infrequent in domestic and most frequently used in industry.

The opening can occur with or without a guide to the ground and even in this case can be manual or automatic.

They are very strong doors that do not require frequent maintenance and stand up well to the elements.

Their cost varies depending on the material with which they are made but of course also of the size, so you can go from 1,000 Euros of a door with two shutters to 20,000 of a more doors to be used for openings up to 9 meters.

Garage electrified or manual?

As we have seen a bit ‘all types of garage doors can be automated and operated by remote control radio frequency.

Currently, in new buildings, it is rare not to equip the garage door of this so easy automation, allowing you to open and close the garage door without getting out (and therefore also provides security). However, it is possible to intervene at a later time by electrifying even from pre-existing garage doors.

To ensure the safety of a automated garage door it is important to make sure that the remote control is not easily duplicated.

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