2016 Tips on How to Decorate A Garage Sale

How to Decorate A Garage Sale – The “garage sale” represents an idea that comes from the United States and that is catching on even in Italy. In fact is nothing more than a sale housewife of old items that no longer serve us and we can sell on the cheap. We can also arrange at our House, and this guide will explain how to do it. Obviously, choosing to get rid of all the objects that you don’t want and that are not used for a long time, you will get additional useful space inside your garage, giving it a better furniture and more orderly. In doing so, you will also have the opportunity to earn money, which can be appreciated for the purchase of new furniture components for your garage. Continue to read this interesting and extremely useful tips to learn rather quick and easy how to decorate a garage sale.

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What do you need for a garage sale:

  • objects and clothes that are no longer needed
  • space
  • flyers

How to organize a garage sale

To organize a “garage sale”, you obviously have a garage or a basement where the sale. Otherwise you can organize the space in the garden or in the backyard. Make a selection of objects and clothes you want to renew, but be careful to ensure that they still are in good condition and able to work, maybe giving it a quick clean up, then prepare a list giving a price to everything.

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Organizing a garage sale like a pro

Organize by category and price

To avoid confusion you divide the various objects by category, marked on each of them the price and arrange so that those who want to buy can see well. Hang the clothes on the drying rack, prepare tables and exposed the smaller items and put out those things that you think are higher than others. A good exhibition attracts attention and helps especially the sale.

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Advertise your sale

Ask for help from someone to monitor your sale to avoid unwelcome “losses” of merchandise, and arrange the cashier near the exit from the place where you have organized the “garage sale”; This way you can easily keep tabs on who comes in and out. To advertise your sale is not enough word of mouth with friends, so it is helpful to prepare pamphlets to distribute them at the stores in the neighborhood and on the appointed day signals the sale with signs to be placed near the House to give directions on how to reach you.

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