How To Decorate Concrete Blocks

Decoration and painting a concrete blocks may become average, boring wall or border-looking garden into a work of art. Painters have the possibility of concrete block exterior surfaces smooth or split-face concrete block. Smooth concrete blocks remain concrete blocks easier to decorate and paint. When it comes to style and design of artwork on the concrete block, the only limit is the imagination of the individual.

how to decorate concrete blocks

Here Best Guide How To Decorate Concrete Blocks

1. Use a stiff bristle brush to clean the smooth concrete blocks. Add a few drop of soap for the dishes of a bucket of warm water. Dip the brush into the soapy mixture and scrub each block of concrete to remove dirt, dust or dirt. Scrape the left-over paint soiling with a putty knife.

clean concrete blocks

2. Apply an acid wash to concrete blocks to remove the layer of white powder not removed from soap and water. Masonry cleaner acid purchase online or in home improvement stores. Wear gloves and wash the concrete blocks with brick acid cleaner according to instructions. Different manufacturers have different brand implementation guidance. Leaving cement blocks to dry completely before continuing.

stamped concrete

3. Commercial pressure washer rental equipment rental shop. Spray the concrete blocks with 15 degree tip pressure washer, at least 12 cm away from the surface of the block. Move washer spray back and forth over the concrete blocks in a horizontal pattern. Let the blocks of concrete to dry completely before proceeding.

concrete blocks

4. Dip a brush into a can of acrylic primer filler block and overlay a generous amount on concrete blocks. Smooth the primer over the entire surface of the concrete block so all the superficial pores are filled and smooth. Let the blocks of concrete to dry.

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5. Buy decorative stencil motifs from a craft store, and use the painter’s tape to attach the stencil to the concrete blocks. Place the stencil on the cement block in any pattern you want. Use stencils to add various models on concrete blocks. Use a toothbrush to apply acrylic paint one color at a time. Let the paint dry after each coat application.

concrete block sizes split vs smooth concrete blocks

decorative concrete blocks

6. Remove the stencil and painter’s tape from concrete blocks. Spray two coats of clear coat spray on concrete blocks. Allow each coat to dry before spraying on the next hand.

Tips and warnings

Do not use too much paint when using stencil. Start with a small amount of paint on the brush to stop bleeding under the stencil paint.

concrete blocks painting a concrete blocks smooth concrete blocks

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