How To Design Your Own House

Design your own house means to create truly to measure environments for us.

Would you like to enter a home where someone else has already organized spaces for you, in which someone else has already arranged the furniture for you? If the answer is yes, then this article will not be of any use.

Decorate yourself means taking their own space in hand, become characters, know and exploit it to suit your needs; do not be afraid of not having good taste as the house is your house and have to like especially to you and not to indulge the fancy of some architect. This does not mean, however, let go to the approximation, but, on the contrary, to know how to organize themselves, from the beginning, in the most professional manner possible.

How to design your own house plans for free

This article does not talk about putting up walls or demolish them, so it may take professionals and start all the paperwork necessary. Even if you were able to provide for themselves certain building work, however, think through what you do because it is one thing to move furniture, lighting and so decide. Another is to put his hand to structural work, if carried out without expertise can depreciate your apartment on the day you were to sell it.

The project of an apartment always starts with a well-designed plan. You do not need a professional to draw a map, just need a little patience and precision in making measurements; later, by going in many furniture factories you may find the most qualified people to you and maybe you will help in the choice, but probably none of them would be free of charge to your home to take the measurements of your apartment. Conversely, if you will go to them with a well-designed plan they will certainly help to better and both of you will be sure to design, from the beginning, an environment based on reliable and correct measurements.

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Build Your Own House With Free Building Design Software Home In How To Design Your Own House How To Design Your Own House For Free Online In 3D

To design your own rooms, there are also some good free online software but their ability to redesign exactly the spaces is not absolute, it must also provide a certain degree of approximation that certainly a plan drawn directly from you according to measurements taken by you however he fails to bridge; however the software online are really excellent to give you a rough idea of how it could be your environment and, what is more, many of them are able to provide a 3D visualization environments which gives you the impression to be there in.

The software that allow you to design the environments we will dedicate a special article, here we go again with the old method: pen and paper, graph paper, and glossy paper. Let us begin?

We begin to see how to put on paper the measures that we see with our own standards and, most importantly, what data needed to be taken.

First we must give ourselves a tape measure that will allow us, even being alone, to take measures with relative ease; in case we have a tape measure instead we should get help from a second person; better not to use a slatted meter.

Now we take a notepad and a pencil, and let’s keep it at hand.

Sketch of the room

The first step to start with is to position ourselves on the front door of the room, from there we can get an overview of the wider local as possible. A simple observation will enable us to draw freehand a simple sketch; we take into account the architectural elements in the room, such as windows and doors.

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Design Your Own House Plans With Best Designing Own Home Design 3D Pertaining To How To Design Your Own House How To Design Your Own House For Free Online In 3D

Measure the floor

We will now take the floor and write measures on the sheet; in many cases the room, transferred to paper and two-dimensional, it will appear as a square or rectangle, if you have a more complicated architectural structure with arches curved walls or anything else be sure to mark this on paper as well.

The floor measures should be taken at several places and not just in the middle of the room because, although apparently our room looks like a square or a perfect rectangle, not always the walls are actually perfectly straight.

Measure the walls

At this point we measure the walls and, as always, for each of them we specify the measurements on our sketch. Often the walls are not perfectly symmetrical and do not form the right angles.

Indicate connections

When we are going to decorating a room we can not ignore the small but special types of important these forthcoming: the electrical and water connections.

In our sketch we have to score all the gas connections, electricity, and water and in each case we report the distance from the nearest room and, of course, do not forget to indicate if it comes to electrical outlets or water connections or gas.

Designing Your Own House With Interior Design Living Room With A Big Rack Cabinet Regarding How To Design Your Own House How To Design Your Own House For Free Online In 3D

Draw the furniture

If the room that we are measuring is not completely bare, we will also take measures of any furniture already in our possession; at this stage we will also record the presence of niches in the wall, recessed shelves, etc.

Photographing difficult corners

Often there are critical points in our apartment, the points that we realize now it will be difficult to exploit, in which it will be difficult to place a standard piece of furniture or whatever.

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The sketch in two dimensions that we are drawing has the obvious limitations and it is not always possible, relying only on it, being able to “see” our room and imagine what might be the best solution to furnish it.

Digital cameras come in handy: take photos of the most critical points of the room as often there is an opportunity, if in doubt – while we are organizing a project – to go to directly view the room (maybe we have to move and we do not live there) and for this, you can view the photos directly on our computer (or even on paper, if we care to print it), will return very useful and take away those doubts that only a click can take away from the truth.

how to design your own house how to design your own house for free online in 3d

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