How To Install Overhead Doors in a Garage

If you are going to replace the damper of your garage with a door, you can do it easily by following the instructions in the mounting kit, and using some tools for fixing screws and tightening bolts. The operation does not require particular expertise, but only caution during installation, using mostly level it perfectly so that it can work well. In this regard, the following guide will show you how to install overhead doors in a fast and understandable as possible. Lets see then how to proceed.

What do you need? Make sure to have any overhead door parts:

  • mounting kit
  • frame of wood or iron
  • casement
  • plastic dowels
  • screws
  • moped
  • MAB
  • spring
  • electric wires
  • remote control

Overhead Garage Door Parts Pertaining To  Overhead Door Parts How To Install Overhead Doors In A Garage

First, installing an overhead door is important for two main reasons, namely that the door can be opened upwards so it does not need side sliding tracks, and also comes with a remote control or prearranged for remote opening. After you delete the material which he held together the old shutters, you must above all in place, affix a wooden frame (or iron) that acts as a sash for the new port. At this point, you can install cat FL AP, hooking it horizontally at the mouth of the entrance of the garage.

After I see that the door is perfectly centered in the compartment, and do not show lateral voids or bundles of visible lights, right on the latter applied the knocker (supplied with the mounting kit), to get her back. In this case, you have to fix them with plastic plugs with screws. After installing the overhead door, fix the MAB which opens upward, and the starter motor for raising it via remote control. The MAB is fastened on the door leaf into the space garage, and connected with a spring supplied in the kit of the overhead door.

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After fixing this advantageous lever for manual opening of the door, please complete the installation with the laying of the scooter for the remote. The connection takes place in a corner of the garage with electric wires, which act directly on the MAB with a gear that received the impulse from the remote, open and close the garage door. The connection is simple, inserting the wires in a clearly visible on it. With this last phase, your work will be able to call himself finally concluded.

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