4 Ways to Move a Pool Table

For someone who has an interest in billiards and snooker, all the pool tables are equal when in fact they are not. A pocket pool table is different from a pool table in various aspects. A billiard table is specifically designed for pool games as eight-ball, nine-ball and straight pool, one pocket card and swimming pool, and a pool table is especially designed for snooker. Here we explore how to move a pool table.

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Pool tables can prove very difficult to move due to the shape, size and weight. At first glance, one would assume that moving a pool table is difficult, arduous and frustrating. However, here are some tricks for how to make the task easier.

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First, you will need several items to complete the task. The acquisition of a couple of friends to help in the heavy lifting is highly recommended. Next, you want a couple of handy tools to make the dis-assembly easier to manage. The most likely tools to facilitate the movement would be a razor blade, wrench, staple remover, knife and a screwdriver. Here are 4 ways to move a pool table by yourself:

  1. The first step for a successful move is to remove from the table pockets. Often, the pockets are able to be checked by hand. For pockets which are connected by a belt, the staple remover can be used for the separation. With pockets removed, the pipe used to distribute the balls should come off easily.
  2. Next, you want to remove the rails. The guides are usually connected with the bolts from below the table and can be removed with a pipe wrench. Once the rails are detached, the felt should be removed. The trick is to avoid tearing or stretch the felt. Otherwise, the felt will have to be replaced. The felt can be removed with a light using a razor blade at the edges.
  3. Separate slate and lift. You want to have a destination set to position the list, so this is where having physical help from friends is very useful. Remove the screws and remove the board. Be aware that you may need again the razor blade to separate any glue, keeping the slate and the frame attached. Once this is complete, move the frame.
  4. After you complete these steps, be very careful to go through and make sure that all the necessary pieces are collected and ready to make the trip. the nuts and bolts will be needed for replacement once the table has reached its new destination.
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Upon reaching the new destination, and after moving the dismantled parts in place, it is time to reassemble. To replace the pool table, follow the instructions above in reverse order. The hardest part of the replacement will be to balance the table, making sure the pieces of slate are level and the felt is reconnected. If any problems, consult a professional immediately.

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