IKEA Kitchens 2016 In A Modern House

IKEA Kitchens 2016 In A Modern House – The furniture brand IKEA has a wide selection of cuisines perfect to decorate the house in a modern style, focused on the online catalog at least one family.

From the ‘old’ ability to choose between different models fitted kitchen, it has moved to a single solution, which can be articulated in various way. It is METOD, the completely modular kitchen system, novelty of 2104.

Other kitchen models have not disappeared and can be purchased in IKEA stores, but METOD kitchen remains the only visible from the portal solution. Let’s find out together what it is, because the combination of its modules can give life to pleasant cooking systems dedicated to the modern home.


METOD describes, first, an extremely clean and minimal line, defined by a geometric shape of the furniture and squdrati corners. If these factors were not enough to define a cuisine suited to modern homes, it must be added in the form of knobs, which looks metallic and linear. Read also: How to decorate a kitchen: ideas and practical tips

METOD can be customized in many ways. From the choice of different types of storage unit, the real structure of the kitchen, to the top and finishing. It goes without saying that the definition of everything that surrounds METOD is a taste of the inhabitants, so the kitchen structured at the bottom could be accompanied by cabinets or shelves of a different style and genre.

IKEA so leaves many doors open to the imagination and creativity of consumers, proposing a system able to furnish small spaces taste as well as to give life to kitchens with important dimensions.

  • METOD may in fact be accompanied by central or side an island, in case you need to preserve space or there  is the possibility of introducing a bell centerpiece.
  • As for the finish, METOD ranges from natural shades to the boldest lacquers, where the red and white were the focus.
  • This is probably the kitchen solution that best matches a modern home: linear, minimalist and lacquered in its finish.
  • The recessed appliances offered by IKEA, they fit perfectly in this modern kitchen system. Even in earlier versions, refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers ‘tended’ to take on a modern aesthetic, a feature that is well associated with the METOD style.
  • As for the decor and the subdivision of interior spaces, METOD offers many possibilities, which turn out to be functional to a practical use.
  • The drawers, as well as the shelves, have the possibility to be divided into compartments or spaces dedicated to housing the crockery.
  • At the same time, the whole minimalist style allows the addition of dish drainer, Mesole and metal poles, which are combined with grace and can be a good starting point for ‘change’ style, making the modern kitchen perhaps more personalized.
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The red lacquered kitchen to kitchen essential black and white, then here are the proposals for kitchens IKEA Metod for modern living.

Best IKEA kitchen for a modern house

1. KITCHEN METOD / Veddinge

Ikea metod kitchen veddinge

This kitchen has a flexible system with features that allow you to create a solution tailored to your needs: dedicated to families with children, has a kitchen with simple, clean lines with a central island and a series of measures for the little ones – from the stool for easy access to the work plan to the drawers of the island that can also be used by children.


Ikea metod kitchen BODBYN

Cuisine of the Provencal style with a perfect combination of drawers, doors and small details that allow you to create a Provencal style and delightfully shabby chic with integrated appliances that offer the comfort of modernity but not be to undermine the rustic style.


Ikea metod kitchen BROKULT

The kitchen METOD / Veddinge / BROKULT is a multi-functional kitchen at low cost, with some basic furniture and a central island that turns into a work plan and in the table, if necessary. A nice alternative cuisine that leaves aside the hanging and chooses instead of freestanding elements that make it almost a living area.


Ikea metod kitchen HERRESTAD Red and spicy, this kitchen will certainly not go unnoticed: cured in every detail, is a kitchen classic cut that thanks to the color and the finish and immediately becomes particularly suited to the house with a modern flavor.


Ikea metod kitchen NODSTA A linear and simple design gives this kitchen a lightness and brightness that are well suited to modern living. Everything is in its place, rational and well-organized; appliances are strategically hidden by the panels to provide pure aesthetics.

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Ikea metod kitchen RINGHULT White and black are the protagonists of this cuisine with drawer fronts and side panels that conceal the appliances in favor of a perfect symmetry.


Ikea metod kitchen TINGSRYD Thanks to the perfect combination between wood siding and metal details, this kitchen is the union between modernity and the desire for simplicity, offering a very cozy and clean result.

8.CUCINA METOD / Grytnas

Ikea metod kitchen GRYTNAS Bright, classic, here’s a kitchen that successfully combines the past and present, by inserting the glass doors that give light and lightness to the environment and using every corner of the room. For nostalgic who like modernity.


Ikea metod kitchen JÄRSTA Finally, a kitchen particularly blatant with strong contrasts: black and yellow lacquered cabinets are a perfect fit, creating an ultra modern look that does not tire the eyes and it makes you want to live this kitchen.

Ikea kitchen 2016: what’s new

Each season Ikea launches one or more proposals for kitchens. These are solutions that can be combined with items already in the catalog, but also of proposals made from scratch, fresh fresh and good at reflecting the major trends of the season.

IKEA Kitchens 2016

What are the kitchens Ikea 2016 major elements to consider?

It ‘important to note that Ikea employs a base and proposes to diversify the materials and above all the doors and the work plans to generate different environments.

  • It is a clever solution and especially in modular and Ikea site is possible to see the very interesting compositions, where the starting point is the same, but change the doors and so the final coating effects.
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We can begin to see what’s new Ikea kitchens 2016 starting from Veddinge ante. These are elements made of pearl gray, which turns out to be in line with the major trends of the moment.

IKEA Kitchens 2016 In A Modern House

Whereas the ‘total wood’ taste is gaining a bit ‘all, even Ikea has chosen to make his proposal.

  • The basic structure of the kitchen it combines the use of Hyttan doors, wooden systems that maintain a natural grain and that if they are used in abundance knows really give life to a modern kitchen, but warm and welcoming in every way.

As for the novelty of Ikea kitchens in 2016 it is interesting to note that the Swedish brand has chosen to count a new set of wings and suspension systems, that when combined in the right way can give life to a kitchen in pure industrial style.

The same system is offered with an ante system called Thoramn and proposing made clear and natural wood. Here cha the combination of natural wood darker metal can give rise to very interesting and systems suited to modern loft as well as the renovation of existing facilities.

Overall, the new IKEA kitchens 2016 beginning of the year watching the sectional elements and the ability to create modern spaces and trendy striving on fixed structures. Nothing, therefore, prohibited to give birth to very chic islands, but also to opt for color trends defined as the total gray.

  • All this is accompanied with a generous proposal of wood, because the material seems to be the protagonist of the kitchens of the current year.
  • The purpose is to give life to warm and cozy spaces that do not lose rigor and never propose static, because they are constantly changing and at the service of living.

Ikea kitchens 2016

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