Improve the Looks of your Home by Choosing the Best Cantilevered Stairs

When building a house, one of the important things that you should consider is the construction of stairs in the home that is often overlooked. While the influx of new ideas make sense, there are a number of things that need to be included when it comes to the construction of stairs in your home. Whether it is granite, glass, spiral or spindle, you should take into consideration aspects of interior and decorative on the one hand and on the other side there is safety. After it all one of the most widely used of the house which is subject to damage must be constructed with care. Obviously there is a big impact stairs throughout your home design. When it comes to the cantilevered stairs, the feeling in the air to make a choice that is flexible and better.

Impressive especially for lovers of design and in general for anyone who loves the modern flair, cantilevered stairs is an excellent solution for a particularly refined and accurate atmosphere. As regards the materials the choice is very wide. In fact, it can be made of wood, iron, marble, glass and resin. The particularity of this scale is that the railing, in addition to having a functional design, also acts as a support. In this guide we will see how to make a cantilevered staircase.

To realize a scale of this kind is essential first of all have a wall with a bearing wall, which is necessary for the anchoring of the various steps. Once you have determined what should be the construction material, we must go to a specialized center for the processing of the chosen material and be cut to fit various steps, taking care of the thickness mainly. It is indeed essential to consider a minimum thickness of 6.5 cm, to give greater consistency to the entire scale.

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The next step is to provide an anchoring system comprising a cage, made with rectangular tubular of about 5 centimeters thick, that acts as a supporting base for the steps. The mounting of the cage to the wall takes place using plugs of about 10 cm in length and 2 of width. After the step of fixing to the wall, we proceed with the laying of the steps, that on the basis of the above data should be able to support a load even exceeding 150 kg by the tubular side. At this point to ensure that the steps also direct it from the side opposite to that in which the tubes are fixed, be necessary to provide more support. In order not to lose the characteristic to “overhang” of the scale, the railing must be secured on the initial and final part of the scale, in correspondence of the bearing wall, with various armrests for each individual step. Finally a wooden handrail, glass or metal (in tune with the steps and the surrounding environment) serves as concatenating element of the entire structure.

The support system is very similar to that of the bridges without pillars of modern design, i.e of those bridges whose support is provided by suitably anchored and positioned steel cables, capable of supporting weights improbable. Carefully follow all of these steps you will be able to realize for yourself the cantilevered staircase of your dreams.

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