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What should I do to turn a garage into a house? Here’s an example with the cost estimate. And always in our website, you can also find the interior photos of the apartment.

Avoi renovation garage home

An idea not to be discarded, given the excellent results obtained, which moreover has allowed the owner to obtain a very original solution to accommodation in a very desirable area, where so apartment prices are quite high. The metamorphosis was possible because a careful preliminary study of the property – geometrical surveys carried out by the architect and inquiry by the Land Registry (Land Registry) – yielded positive results and encouraging for the change of use destination. The construction, in fact, resulted cataloged as laboratory (even though it was used as a garage, with overhead doors in place of the window frames) and therefore already in possession of building and planning prerequisites votes for processing in residence (internal height, for example, was of 270 cm). In addition, 30 square meters floor area corresponded exactly to the minimum required for a home by the local legislation. And so the idea took shape and was able to materialize through two construction steps, each preceded by its own bureaucracy.

house lucky Florentines garage box

There are constraints to be respected

The former laboratory is located in a courtyard that shares with a multi-storey building. And this the transformation project had to take into account respecting the construction type of the building and also rivals morphology and external appearance also for the individual house. ● The surgery so he wanted to not only enhance the existing small building, but also retrain the condominium context in which it is located. ● Among the works it was therefore proposed to fit the common space, with the laying of new flooring and adding to flowers and potted plants. With great final advantage in terms of whole appearance, practicality and safety for the whole building.

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Florentines house exterior lucky

Always check the feasibility An operation such as this is subject to the law of the place where the building stands. There are many aspects to consider. ● First you need to know if the building is converted into a dwelling: Land Registry in controlling what its intended use (keep in mind that some local authorities prohibit such a change in certain situations); Shared then checks the measures of planning instruments (TMP) and those of building regulations (Building Regulations and Building Hygiene Regulations). ● The purpose of these surveys is to understand if the property is already characterized by habitability requirements (as in the case presented) or, if not, whether you can make the necessary changes to get a residence under.

The project

First part

independent house with garage plan It was built the ventilated crawl space (underfloor space below the internal floor level) that separates the rooms from the ground. ● Then it moved to the buffering of the external walls to transform the two existing doors in the front door and three windows. ● Inside, new partitions were constructed to define bathroom and hallway, then equipped with all facilities.

Second part

independent house with garage plan second parts The attic space obtained with the new coverage suggests an internal modification, not before assumed: ● The partial demolition of the old slab (maintained only in the bathroom) and the construction of a loft, with relative ramp, to make accessible and usable such compartment. ● In order not to increase the usable area, it has a width of less than 180 cm (required by local regulations limit for non-compute the loft in -Surface GFA gross floor).

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independent house with garage

At this early stage In this initial phase it was also constructed the cover: a requirement linked to the new use of the building, but also useful to achieve consistency with the structural context of the courtyard.

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