How To Install Stockade Fence at Home

Stockade Fence – Stockade fences do more than mark a property line or keeping a pet in the yard. Since these types of fences consist of a hidden tab next to each other along the entire length, that provide privacy on both sides of the fence. Originally, palisade fences were built with a tree trunk, bark-free, embedded in the ground next to another and palisade fences often went 8 meters tall or higher. More recently, palisade fences are made from pre-made panels of flat boards.

How to install stockade fence at home:

1. Determine where you will put the fence. Fencing panels are available in 8-foot lengths and are easier installed intact. Measure the distance to determine the number of fence panels you will need.

2. Put a pole at the ends of the fence line provided for and perform twine between the two poles to define the line of the fence.

3. Dig a hole 4 meters deep, 10 cm wide, each 8 feet for the center with the post hole digger. Align the holes along the line of twine has been executed between the end posts. For added certainty the position of the seats, arrange the fence panels close to where you are going to go and to ensure the seats are midway between the two panels are sometimes not exactly the expected format.

4. Put the pole in the hole. Mix concrete with water in a cement barrel, roll back and forth, for a few minutes. Check that the mix is ​​wet enough and pour into the hole. Have your assistant to hold the pole in a vertical position while you pour. Working a paint stick up and down throughout the fresh concrete to eliminate air pockets.

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5. Adjust the vertical position, the control of two adjacent sides with a level, and ensure the flat edge is even with string. You need to fix the panels to the side plate of the post, so it is important that the flat side of the post running along the wire. Brace the post in place using two boards 2-by-4-inch.

6. Wait two days for the concrete to dry.

7. Attach the panels to the posts by screwing from the front panel, through the horizontal rails and uprights. The screws should go at least halfway into the post so select the screws according to the thickness of the fence panels. Place the panels several centimeters off the ground to reduce rot.

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